Gurudev tumi more daya na chadiho

Akincana das kare carane rakhiho || 1

Adhama patita mui manda mora mati

(tava)Sri carane sharan bina ar nahi gati || 2

Tomara karunar dhara maha balaban

Taraite mo adhame bara prayojan || 3

Tava Sri caran raja rakha mora mathe

Carana dhoiya pan karao e dui hate || 4

Maya moher durvasanay haye achi baddha

Bhukta abasesh diya kara more suddha || 5

Tabe yadi hay mora nirmal jivan

Caitanya carane habe das abhiman || 6

Subal Kanai das shubha abirbhav lagane

Mana-vancha vyakta kare tava Sri carane || 7

Kona krame hay yadi janama bhubane

Cira das kare rekho apana carane || 8

1) O Gurudev

Please never stop bestowing your mercy on me! Accepting me as your insignificant, lowly servant,

kindly keep me situated at Your lotus feet.

2) I am very fallen, abominable and evil minded, there is no other way of my deliverance except the

shelter of your lotus feet.

3) Your mercy is extremely powerful, and it is very much required to deliver this fallen soul.

4) Please put the dust from your lotus feet on my head

Allow me to wash your lotus feet and drink that water with both my hands.

5) I have become entangled due to my infatuation for illusion, Please purify my consciousness by

giving me your remnants.

6) In this way my life will be purified and I will be able to become a sincere servant at the lotus feet of

Lord Caitanya.

7) On this auspicious appearance day I Subal Kanai das express my desire at your lotus feet.

8) For any reason if I am born again in this material world. Please always keep me under the shade of

your lotus feet and engage me in your service eternally.

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