The IPL Fever



IPL has been the latest fever

Keeping everyone busier than ever

Man and woman, young and old

All were game for this pot of gold.


TV channels were busy with TRP ratings

Teams were busy anticipating and speculating

The game was spinning real big money

That was sweeter than the sweetest honey.


Children skipped their playtime

Housewives shortened their kitchen time

Men were constantly meditating on the game

Hoping their team would clinch the game.


And look what was the end result of this game?

Many went berserk and insane

Lust and greed took centre stage

Gambling became a part of the game.


Fans felt cheated and betrayed

Authorities swung in to contain the mess

Everyone was shocked beyond repair

For how could their favourite game bring in such despair?


Human birth is not meant for lust and greed

All humans should take heed

Lust and greed are royal roads to hell

Then why follow such a path to slip into hell?


Mend your ways the sastras say

For you are a pure soul all the way

Do not fall prey to the whims of the mind

For it will take you through a lot of grind.


Karma will catch up some day or the other

For Nature’s laws no one can break or smother

Shelter of guru and Krishna is the only way

To get eternal bliss all the way.


Cintamani Sakhi Devi Dasi

(An offering at the lotus feet of Sri Gurudev)


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