All the ācāryas of Vedānta had come as lawyers. The chief justice or leader of the council was Mahāprabhu who was the descent for the age. The place of the council was Śrīvāsa Aṅgana. The plaintiff was Earth. The four ācāryas of the four communities (sampradāyas) were her lawyers. They were doing the work of representing the Earth before the chief justice Mahāprabhu.


Their opening statement was this, “O Compassionate One, O Lord of the Universe! You have now appeared. Now please consider what to do for the living beings of the Age of Kali. The Earth says that they are making her sink down to the lowest regions. All of the great sins---the killing of women, the killing of brāhmaṇas, the killing of cows, etc. they are committing all of the sins. Earth is being bent low by the burden of their sins. You should arrange for the punishment of the Age of Kali, because the living beings of the Age of Kali are so corrupt that they do not accept your word. Rather you say in the Gītā: "Giving up all dharmas surrender only to me,'' But the living beings of the Age of Kali only hear half. They have given up all dharma, but they don't hear the part about surrendering to you.”


The living beings of Kali were the accused. They were trembling in fear, because they had no lawyer. They were unsettled in their fear, what punishment would the chief of the council order?


 “At Śrīvāsa Aṅgana, the place of council, the laying of the bricks of compassion began. And the head of the council was Mahāprabhu---his body is condensed love. Mahāprabhu is the image of solidified compassion. Everyone was against the living beings of Kali. No one said anything good about them. What judgment will the chief of the council give? What punishment will he order?”

At that moment the friend of the fallen, Nitāicanda with his two golden arms outstretched, came running forward and said, “I am here for you. Have no fear."


Those whom the world has discarded

As unclean, untouchable,

Those whom the world has thrown away

My Nitāi holds in His embrace.


The chief of the council, Mahāprabhu, raised his brow and asked, “Śrīpāda, what  do you wish to say?" Nityānanda Prabhu said, “Please hear my statement. Devise an atonement, which you can call a practice, a worship, a punishment,

whatever you want to call it, devise one that the living beings of Kali can easily perform."


Mahāprabhu said, “Śrīpāda, if the practice is little the achievement is little. For instance, the practice of yoga is difficult and therefore its achievement or result is vision of the Supreme Self. The practice of gnosis is difficult and its successful achievement is the bliss of Brahman. What do you want to give to the living beings of Kali? Heaven?"



Nitāicānd replied, “No."

“Do you want to give to the living beings of Kali one of the four kinds of liberation to Vaikuṇṭha?"

Nityānanda said, “No."

Mahāprabhu then said, “Then, perhaps, the loving service of Rādhā and Govinda in Vṛndāvana?"

Nityānanda said, “Not that either.”


The four teachers (ācāryas) of the four communities and Mahāprabhu were speechless. “Śrīpāda, any achievement beyond the loving service of Rādhā and Govinda is not known in the scriptures. Mahāprabhu said, “I don't know about the scriptures. The living beings of Kali should be given a practice that they can perform easily. And that they should get heaven, or liberation or even the feet of Rādhā and Govinda I am not saying." Then Mahāprabhu wanted to know, “What do you want to give to the living beings of Kali?''


Nityānanda Prabhu replied, “That they get your lotus feet, that is the dispensation I want for my living beings of Kali.''


A number of great ones becoming perturbed thought about it and said “What has Nityānanda Prabhu said that is anything more? Mahāprabhu is the joint form of Rādhā and Govinda. Therefore at first Mahāprabhu wanted to give the loving service of Rādhā and Govinda. But Nityānanda Prabhu did not accept it.''


A Gosvāmī Prabhu has told a beautiful story that relates to this:


There was once a wedding feast. The father of the bride was running about in a dither in order to feed the party of the groom. Fifty guests were supposed to come. Seventy-five actually came. The father of the bride had brought some Rājabhoga from a great distance. Instead of fifty he brought seventy. But the party of the groom was seventy-five. They were short Rājabhoga for five guests. The head of the household decided on a suitable way to handle the situation. On the plates of five people would be placed raw chick peas and sugar. That's what was done. Those five guests became angry. The servers told those five, “Bābu, what is there in Rājabhoga? Sugar and chickpeas.'' The guest replied angrily, “Fool! You have come to prepare it? If one puts together sugar and chickpeas does one have Rājabhoga? Where is the chef's cooking of the rasa?''


In the same way, if one attains Rādhā and Kṛṣṇa one doesn't gain Gaura. In the cooking of the rasa of Rādhā and Govinda, Gaura arises. Therefore, Nitāicānda said, “They will attain your lotus feet, my living beings of Kali.''


The statement of Kavirāja Gosvāmī is that to Mahāprabhu the living beings of Kali are fallen. Becoming the friend of us the fallen, Nitāicānda made his plea at the feet of Mahāprabhu. The root of the tree of bhajana is Śrī Nityānanda Prabhu. If one takes shelter at the feet of Nityānanda Prabhu one will easily reach the feet of Śrī Gaurāṅga. The friend of the fallen is Nitāicānda, our rescuer; our only well-wisher is Nitāicānda.


This is the teaching of our Acaryas

He spent his entire life praising the names of Nitāicānda and singing victory songs about his grace. If we have even a little bhakti for him we will call out his name and cry. We may or may not be able to call out, “Gaura'' and cry, but we are able to call out “O Nitāi'' and cry. This is our duty. Wouldn't you say that's true? Govinda's form was the form of the love of Rādhā. Acaryas true essence is as the image of the love of the kīrtana of Gaura and Govinda. Let us keep his true essence in our minds. May that face of his which is the face of Nitāi and Gaura remain always in our minds. May we also be able call out, “Nitāi!'' and weep.


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