Srila Jayapatāka Charita mānasa - 2013 Vyāsa Puja Offering from Rādhāprana rāja dāsa/Anupama gopi devi dasi from Phoenix AZ USA

Dear devotees,
Hare Krishna All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!!!
Released On the Occasion of Our most beloved Guru Mahārāja, Srila Achāryapādā's 64th Vyāsa Puja. Celebrated in Phoenix Arizona USA, Sunday April 21, 2013
Srila Jayapatāka Charita mānasa
On April 9 , 1949
appeared the soul, pure divine
an Eternal Associate of Sri Mahāprabhu
to save everyone from certain rue
into a family of aristoic prominence
born with all material opulence
he brought his birthplace fame
they say Wisconsin is its name
he did not know it then
but faith in Him quietly begun
as devout boy of eleven
he sought the higher heaven
with his grand sire as his witness
he cured himself of some sickness
using the Holy names as lever
and its very omnipotent power
at St John's, was its name, it was
where he became top of his class
but no surprise this, is there? -
always the destined heir!
then to a prestigious college
to gain some mundane knowledge
on a full scholarship success
from an Ivy League, no less!
but at Brown, he heard a talk
which stopped and changed his course
it was on Lord Buddha that
made him seek new purpose
leaving the dog and pony show
for something more meaningful now
to seek a bonafide spiritual master
who could show him Absolute truth
he was thinking of going to India
the mother ship of the human race
just then Krsna showed him devotees of
Srila Prabhupāda, His Divine Grace
at 1968 RathaYātra, what a glorious day
for San Francisco, a pious serenade
of the Causeless Mercy of Their Lordships
with our young Sire attending parade
soon that fortunate day for us all
the date of his cosmic spiritual call
with thunderbolt lightning flash and all
Onto Srila Prabhupāda's feet (he'd) simply fall
immediately! working jobs outside
funding all the temple's needs
he made his mark "from the get go"
is that any surprise to anyone to know?
with VICTORY emblazoned in his name
1968 initiated to the universal divine race
became "Jayapatāka dāsa", ACBSP
All Glories to SP, His Divine Grace!!
Hare Krishna!! Hari bol!!! All Glories to His Divine Grace ACBS Srila Prabhupāda!!!! All Glories to his Illustrious disciple Srila Acharyapāda!!!!
He personally served his Master
pujari, cook, president, whatever
earnestly every day and night
and did it all with such joy, delight
he helped to open more temples
in Toronto, Chicago, elsewhere
the perfect start to his new role
blazing at only 19, so full of dare
as Srila Prabhupāda continued to travel
Young Jayapatāka dāsa kept in touch
through constant letters to seek sikshā
on (spiritual) life, deep earnestness such
in Canada he wanted to "learn Bengāli" !!
despite never having seen Bengāl
that surely comes from the love of Sri Mahāprabhu
which must have constantly flowed in his heart
One day in a April 1970 letter to him
in which Srila Prabhupāda wrote
"please get a visa to india
- and go to the land of Māyāpur"
"not months but for YEARS", SP said
we have a "great deal of work" there
Just see, HDG was already certain
to make him the golden heir
and so the prodigal son arrived
in calcutta, his possessions in a sack
Achutānanda brahmachari's first take
"he looks like an NFL quarterback!!"  (* from Achutānanda dasa's recent book Blazing Sadhus)
soon Prabhupāda stopped in India
and met Jayapatāka dāsa, where
on Rādhāstami day 1970 - gave Sannyāsa!
guru-paramparā linked then and there!!!
All Infinite Glories to 108 His Holiness Jayapatāka Swāmi Srilā Acharyapāda, our Most Deloved Guru Maharaja !
Deep in Māyāpur --  and at only 21 years old !!!
what a wonder, a young Swāmi,  all behold!!
and, so he was (along with HG Achutānanda)
ISKCON Māyāpur's original anchor hold
(of) Srila Prabhupāda's World Headquarters
1971, putting down the first bricks bare
O! surely he's from Goloka Vrindāvana
working with not one moment to spare
asked to lead the temple projects-
Calcutta -- it was from where
for his Master, organized massive pandāls
for Prabhupāda 30,000 people nightly there
More land obtained by our dear Mahārāja
And His Divine Grace wrote to him
"I have given you (Māyāpur) the Kingdom of God,
(from which) you nicely develop from"
Māyāpur Spiritual World city -uncontainable
work still goes on even today
but Guru Mahārāja's role is so precious
and cherished by all to this day
The Lord Sri Chaitanya's birthplace -
also (became) his permanent home
the first to get rare Indian citizenship
from people's unprecedented support shown
Our Srila Prabhupāda made so sure
asking TKG: "in the list, is Jayapatāka there?"
made him One of the original eleven Governors
4 decades of serving! yet still serving fair
(Because) Our Srila Prabhupāda always knew
come rain or shine, he (his son) would be there
to take custody of a most precious duty
and discharge with deep love and care
by 1977, when Srila Prabhupāda had left us
and took the Godhead stair
his humble disciple had continued the spread
Of Krsna, with no town or village spared
From since Srila Prabhupāda's leaving
Guru Mahārāja has taken to the skies
landed in every continent and village lane
to push, preach, and build Holy ties
made so many disciples, (you ask) how many to this day?
answer: a number that Only Srila Prabhupāda can say
but Mahārāja continues to shine Holy Vishnu''s ray
to every corner of earth,  nagara-grāma tārine!!!
rich or poor no matter
its all karma's play
but what is really needed
is to drive (this) disease away
maybe a Phd, masters, a degree - no?
nothing, or just to a plain village school they go
(no matter) they always queue up, to take a bow
to become your disciple, or a devotee of thou
You inspired....& so many Ratha Yatrās ensue
participating in all of them, you verily lead them too
everywhere, you'r lovingly called this to do
(therefore you) are also the ISKCON "Deity Installation" Guru
giving fluent lectures... that in bengāli too
even the natives can't help,  but get attracted to you
vaishnava literature you translated, prim, proper and true
absolutely nectar -- like some celestial somā brew
In the spirit of being a Nārada Muni Sage
Of this very very fallen Kali Age
You travel widely to serve and gauge
(and) your disciples respond mirror image
Gangā Safari that you frequently went
(made it) a popular devotee event
you also led many thirtha tours meant
to infuse the (devotional) spirit cent percent
though You've visited the Arizona shore
't was never enough, we wanted more
but then we had to accept it this way
and realize we can't meet you every day
You installed our Deities- Rādhā Mādhava Hari
A Special Mercy for the Arizona drove
Everyday your sweet blessings flow
even in these deserts - like a shower of snow!
then in 2008 an event of richter shock!!!
that ripped the heart of your disciple flock!!
and admirers in every timezone clock
Gajendra Mokshā in a crocodile lock?
but just like any kid in kindergarten class
who won't understand about force and mass
we cannot fathom Krsna's sways
to preach through a pure devotee in these ways
talk "we are not this body" all you want
(in the end) its all about : do you get it? or do you not?
no skipping a beat, and no record blot
a pure vaishnava goes (unchecked) with "what's he's got"
How more Glorious can you be Mahārāja?
made ISKCON proud for His Divine Grace
and though his other generals may retire by the day
...despite your state, its all like a child's play
(taking) Krsna's message with all your might
and having Guru's blessing to its height
you preach non-stop to take Māyā's fight
and lead the fallen (to) within Krsna's sight
With a few words of prayer that you said
in 2010 saved Anupama (dd) from her deathly bed
foolish magic may be the people's wants
but real miracles you ask and Krsna grants
to serve you now is all that's left
too much to do and too much heft
but if your blessings are but sincerely felt
then our surrender to you is easily dealt
The rest, as they (always) say, is history
Your story, that everyone already knows
but that it can be told again and again
for your story doe'th never old grows
Your success Your Guru
whose Mercy you lock in (your) heart
and you keep it safely to this day
to distribute to the yearning lot
You tirelessly serve His Divine Grace
and do everything that he's asked
though Mahārāja you always deny it
your successes cannot be masked
I bow before you My father
with yearning love (in) my heart
my surrender needs your mercy
to serve you with all i've got.
nama om vishnu pādāya krishna presthāya bhutale
srimate jayapatākā svāmin iti nāmine
namāchārya pādāya nitai kripā pradhāyine
gaura kathā dhāma dāya nagara grāma tārine
"I Offer my respectful obeisances unto my most beloved Guru Mahārāja
His Divine Grace Srila Jayapatāka Swāmi Mahārāja,
who is dedicated to serving the desires, instructions, and Lotus Feet of
His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedānta Swāmi Srila Prabhupāda
And of the previous Acharyas. He is freely bestowing the mercy of
Nityānanda Prabhu, and distributing the glories of the transcendental pastimes,
instructions and abode of Sri Chaitanya Mahāprabhu. He is preaching
Krishna Consciousness to the inhabitants of both villages and towns thus
delivering them from the material conditioned life"
humbly submitted
On Your 64th Vyāsa Puja,  praying to the Lord to bestow Your excellency a long and healthy life, and to be there for us.
your insiginificant servants,
rādhāprāna rāja dāsa,
anupama gopi devi dasi,
Vyāsa Puja Day April 22, 2013
Jayapatāka Nivās
4329 E Cottonwood Lane
phoenix az usa

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