My splendid Nitai Chandra and Gaur Sundara!

My splendid Nitai Chandra and Gaur Sundara!

The orange reddish hue of the rising sun,

The color of dawn, the beauty of the sky,

The irresistible temptation of ravishing ladies,

Or the bliss found in amorous relationships,

Nothing can compare to the incessant pleasure found in gazing at my Lords.

Today they were clad in green garments,

Embellished on the corners were pink flower stamens

Tinkling anklets, glittering chains, and turbans resting on their delicate heads,

The very vision dried up my material emotions of distress and dread,

Those reddish lotus eyes mercifully look upon us conditioned souls,

That has the power of liberating ghosts and ghouls,

Their delightful pinkish feet are dancing on the floor,

And their arms are upraised as a sign of surrendering tenor,

Their tongues jubilantly vibrate the holy name,

Spreading the glories of Krishna's name and fame,

They dissipate the darkness born of passion and ignorance,

And elevate us to a state of humility and countenance,

The confidential secret to Krsna prema is Avadhuta Nityananda!

Overwhelmed with ecstasy, he roars like a maddened lion,

Captivating the attention of animals, men and women,

His attractive face defeats the beauty of millions of moons,

Deliverer of the fallen, and the fulfiller of all boons,

Who can describe the inconceivable potency of Nitai Chandra?

Who is factually Balaram, the cowherd boy and Ananta Sesha,

In whichever direction my Lords glance, they shower torrential rains of Krishna Prema!

All Glories to Nitai Chandra and Gaur Sundara!!

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