Lord Nimai wants the moon!- Drops of Nectar - Jayapataka Swami

Excerpts from Jayapataka Swami’s book:

Reading from the Gauranga Book pg.36- Nimāi Wants The Moon

One day Mother Śacī was carrying little baby Nimāi when He started crying. She said, “Stop crying and I will give you whatever you want.” He said, “You’ll give me whatever I want?” and she said, “Yes, I will give you whatever you want.” At that time it was almost full moon, and the moon was shining in the sky and it was already dark. Then little Nimāi said, “I want the moon, give me the moon.”

Sometimes the full moon looks like you can just almost reach it. Maybe for a child they think it is something that you can just grab and get it like a mango on a tree or something. But of course you can’t just give the moon to someone. So when she wasn’t able to give Him the moon right away He said, “You promised to give me anything and I want the moon,” and He started crying.

So Mother Śacī was in a fix. Now what would she do? Then all of a sudden, a cloud covered the moon. “Didn’t you see? Your face is more beautiful than millions of moons, so even the moon is ashamed to be in your presence. So why do you want such an ordinary moon, which has even got marks on its face, when your blemish-less face is even more beautiful. So the moon is hiding.”

So the Lord, He was having wonderful time with His parents, making their life always interesting.

Read the full book entitled Gauranga - The Golden Incarnation of Divine Love.

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