Kanaiyyadesh celebrates Srila Jayapataka Swami's visit 31-12-2011 to 3-1-2012

December 31st, 2011 Guru Maharaj arrived from Damodardesh to Kanaiyyadesh on the evening of New Year's eve (December 31st). There were many devotees who went to receive Guru Maharaja from the airport. This was the first time that Guru Maharaja travelled by Kuwait Airways. The airlines misplaced Guru Maharaja's wheelchair in Dubai Airport. Guru Maharaja travelled all the way from the airport without his personal wheelchair. Dr.Diwakar one of Guru Maharaja's aspiring disciples and Director for one of the biggest hospital's of Kanaiyyadesh brought a wheelchair from his hospital for Guru Maharaja. Accompanying Guru Maharaja were his dear disciples and personal servants H.G.Maha Varaha Prabhu and H.G.Tirtha Prabhu. Guru Maharaja stayed at the house of one of his disciples living in Kanaiyyadesh named Narahari Dev das. There were about 35 devotees waiting to receive Guru Maharaja at the house, however we were advised by Maha Varaha Prabhu that Guru Maharaja is extremely tired and that he will be unable to accept Pada Puja Abhisekh. We were asked to vacate the house within 5 minutes of Guru Maharaja's arrival. However as merciful as he is, when Guru Maharaja came to the apartment, he sat on the Vyasasana and spoke for nearly 10 minutes and addressed the visiting devotees. After that he distributed dry fruit prasadam to all the devotees who had come to welcome him, and blessed them by touching their foreheads with the Toothbrush of Lord Jagannatha (from Puri). January 1st, 2012 Initiations were scheduled for today morning. There were a total of 6 devotees who took first initiation. There were 3 devotees from Bangladesh who have been waiting for over 7 years to get initiated from Guru Maharaja. Manikantan Prabhu who has been conducting the Yatra in Kannaiyadesh since last 10 years also took initiation. His name is now Mani Bhusan Krishna das. About 9 devotees took aspiration and one devotee took Guru Ashraya. Devotees were waiting to hear from Guru Maharaja since 9am. When Guru Maharaja came to address the crowd at 12:30pm all the crowd were waiting to hear from him eagerly. After hearing the nectarean words of Guru Maharaja many devotees had tears in their eyes and were inspired to take aspiration. After giving the beads and the names to the initiation candidates, Guru Maharaja took his lunch prasadam and rested. Devotees from Balaramdesh H.G.Nanda Suta Govinda Prabhu and his wife H.G.Bhuvana Pavana Prabvi came all the way to Kanaiyyadesh to serve Guru Maharaja. Their presence in Kanaiyyadesh has been like special blessings to the Kanaiyyadesh devotees as we did not really know how to serve Guru Maharaja properly. They were very patiently teaching us what is supposed to be done and how we could improve our services to Guru Maharaja and the devotees for the next visit. H.G.Sudevi Gopi dd also came from Damodardesh to assist in the cooking for Guru Maharaja. H.G.Tapan Misra Prabhu one of the devotees who helped increase the preaching in Kanaiyyadesh also visited from Mathuradesh to meet with Guru Maharaja. Guru Maharaja spent a significant of time talking to him about the personal situation in Kanaiyyadesh and also advising some of the leaders on how to deal with certain management issues. In the evening there was a nice program arranged in a public school. Owing to the holiday and the new year over 200 people attended. There were 2 dramas that were organized for the pleasure of Guru Maharaja. Guru Maharaja gave a class for over an hour. He emphasised on the importance of chanting Hare Krsna and the mercy of Lord Caitanya. There were many questions to Guru Maharaja after the program. The Q&A went on for more than 45 minutes. Because of the delay in the event, we requested the devotees that Guru Maharaja would address the remaining questions the next evening during the public program. After the Q&A session, the kids drama was conducted and Guru Maharaja sat and watched the entire drama. On his way back he took dinner prasadam in the moving vehicle. When Guru Maharaja reached the apartment it was nearly midnight and there were still a few devotees who wanted to talk to Guru Maharaja. By the time Guru Maharaja took rest it was over 1:30am. January 2nd, 2012 Dr.Diwakar wanted to take Guru Maharaja to his hospital to perform a CT scan. His hospital which is like a 7-star hotel has one of the best equipment in the world. Ever since Guru Maharaja suffered from the stroke in October 2008, another CT scan of his brain was not done for him. Since Guru Maharaja went to bed quite late last night and had another big program in the evening, time was the most important factor to manage. Since it takes quite a significant amount of time to prepare for Guru Maharaja's travel, and also because Guru Maharaja was quite tired, Maha Varaha Prabhu said it would be best if the scanning was scheduled for another time. We were trying to follow-up with Kuwait Airlines to ensure that Guru Maharaja could travel back to Chennai with his wheelchair that was missed by the airlines. However we were informed that there was no message from the port of origin. A devotee named Ananda who took 'Aspiration' from Guru Maharaja spontaneously came forward to purchase a new wheelchair for Guru Maharaja. Maha Varaha Prabhu and Guru Maharaja discussed with all of us for sometime about the specifications of the wheelchair. Finally around 6:30pm Ananda Prabhu walked into the apartment with the new wheelchair. Guru Maharaja really liked the new wheelchair. This one had more features that the older one and also was a higher quality. There were many devotees who were assissting in the background services such as cooking for Guru Maharaja, cleaning, and taking care of the secretaries. In the afternoon just before Guru Maharaja took lunch he gave darshan to all these Matajis. Some of them had important questions which Guru Maharaja patiently answered. In the evening there was a program arranged in the basement of a Building. There is a nice ramp that one can use to bring Guru Maharaja in the wheelchair without any difficult and hence this venue was chosen for the program. There were around 75 devotees who participated in the program. Guru Maharaja spoke for nearly an hour and there were so many questions to him from the crowd. Guru Maharaja spent nearly 45 minutes answering the questions and by this time it was getting very late. His secretary mentioned that Guru Maharaja has an early morning flight and hence it is important that no further questions are entertained. The next day Guru Maharaja was travelling to Chennai with a layover in Dubai and hence it was very important that he took sufficient rest. Guru Maharaja didn't take sufficient rest the previous night also. All the devotees who took initiation got to serve Guru Maharaja personally on this evening. This would probably be some of the rarest chances they would get to serve Guru Maharaja's transcendental body personally. Because of the stroke Guru Maharaja is unable to close his eyelids. The devotees have to put a cellophane tape to close his eyelids so he can close his eyes to get some rest. Also it takes quite a bit of time to prepare Guru Maharaja for his rest. Generally whenever Guru Maharaja travels there are atleast 6 personal servants who care for Guru Maharaja. They each take one of the three 8-hours shifts each so they distribute their services within 24 hours. Because of some administrative errors many of Guru Maharaja's servants did not get visas to Kanaiyyadesh. Maha Varaha Prabhu took care of Guru Maharaja for all the 3 days without any rest. He hardly slept even a couple of hours for all the 3 days that he spent in Kanaiyyadesh serving Guru Maharaja. The level of dedication that we saw in Guru Maharaja's servants was very inpiring to all of us. Since this was our first time hosting Guru Maharaja and His servants after the stroke we did not have sufficient experience and expertise in serving. Somehow Guru Maharaja accepted all of us inspite of our shortcomings and encouraged us to preach the message of Lord Caitanya in Kanaiyyadesh. Some devotees from Damodardesh brought some special low fat Ice-creams for Guru Maharaja. This was one item that Guru Maharaja kept on insisting that the devotees pack the ice cream in a styrofoam box with ice-cubes in it. We also recommend the devotee community to bring these ice-creams for Guru Maharaja whenever he visits your Yatra. He really liked the ice-cream very much. On behalf of Kanaiyyadesh Yatra we would like to Thank H.H.Bhakti Vinoda Swami, H.G.Sri Vallabha Prabhu and many other devotees who have helped in making Guru Maharaja's visit to Kanaiyyadesh possible. Guru Maharaja left Kanaiyyadesh on the 3rd morning to Chennai. From Chennai Guru Maharaja will be attending the Ratha Yatra festival in Coimbatore.


By HG Narahari Dev

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