Dear devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to Guru Maharaja!

As you all know, Guru Maharaja is slowly recovering from the stroke which he suffered almost two years ago. However, there is still much more recovery to be done, before he can start travelling. He needs to undergo physio-therapy treatment every single day, from a qualified therapist, and also use certain equipment which is available only in a few places in the world.This has to continue as long as he is showing improvement: if his therapy is stopped even for 48 hours, he will regress, and then recovering again will be a far more difficult task. Therefore, for devotees to contact Guru Maharaja directly and invite him places him in a dilemma, as he does not like to refuse anyone, and is eager to meet them.

To avert this danger, henceforth all requests for Guru Maharaja to visit any place have to be routed through the JPS Seva Committee, which has been set up to assist Guru Maharaja. The following rules have to be observed:

1)All the travel related invitations will be forwarded to and consulted with the Travel Team & JPS Seva Committee before it reaches GM.(Please send your request to

2)The Health, Travel & Finance team will go through all the proposed itineraries and check if the criterias are met before approving the visit.

Criterias are: Facilities for daily exercises, accommodation, ticket cost, diet,manpower etc.

3) Any health related issues like prescribing a new medicine,proposing for a new treatments or therapies,proposing new diet,etc should all go through the Health team prior to reaching GM directly.

4) If there is any specific emergency, the JPS Seva Committee wil decide how to handle it without affecting Guru Maharaja's treatments.


The JPS Seva Committee has the following Members:

1) Chairman - Vijay Venugopal Dasa

2) Vice Chairman - Prema Vikas Dasa

3) Finance Controller: Sri Vallabha Dasa & Team 4)Health Coordinator: Prema Caru Dasa, Iksvaku Dasa & Team(doctors like Achyutananda D, Shanti Rupa Mataji, Adi Purush Prabhu, etc could be added)

5)Staff Coordinator: Simheswara Dasa, Maha Varaha Dasa and team.

6)Travel Coordinator: Marici Dasa and his team

Please also note and strictly follow the Guidelines which have been separately uploaded to this Website.

Your Servant

Bhakti Purushottam Swami


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