Dear all,


Hare Krsna,

When recently i was just contemplating about the seva i perform in the temple , i realized that i am not able to offer the services that i wish to offer to our Sri Sri Radha Madanmohanji here in Kharghar due to various reasons.

As i was interested in the details of pure devotional service , i decided to join the bahkti-sastri course provided on line by Sri Sri Radha Gopinathji Temple , Chowpaty., ISKCON , Mumbai.

Some may think - that the knowledge / designation may make us proud but my experience is that as i am slowly getting into this , i realized that i have already lost so many valuable years of my life and there is so much to learn, and we all know that the knowledge humbles one as he goes deep and deep .

Srila Prabhupada has given us these invaluable books for its deep intensive study and frequent reference to these books during our preaching. Preaching means not only the formal preaching  but even during informal talks on Krsna consciousness , we can refer to this knowledge , information , quotes , verses from these books and there are good chances that we can win over the guest to Krsna consciousness , if Krsna so desires.

Our life is very short and the treasure of knowledge is unlimited. so please , wake up and register for this course immediately. 

One more thing , who else , except us only , is going to read these books seriously. If we cannot understand its importance , how can we expect outsiders to take up these courses?

If we are not reading and studying these books carefully , we don't have any right to advise neophytes i.e. new comers to seriously study these books and use the contents while preaching.

If we have to keep ISKCON alive ( no doubt,Lord Krsna,Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev are capable to do that) , but still,as a meager contribution , it is duty of all of us to study these books intently and broadcast them in big way for the pleasure of Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga. 

Some of the benefits of joining the course -

1. It empowers.

2. It keeps me glued to the Lotus feet of Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga.

3. It keeps me very very happy.

4. It is useful in book-distribution , preaching and all other fields of Krsna consciousness.

5. It can be done from the home at our own convenience.

6. Best use of our spare time at home.

7. Best video lectures , good assessment.

7. I feel a little bit up by this , that as i am not able to provide regular seva in temple , i am atleast trying to do a little bit    in some other way.

8. The course is two-years duration with six modules.  search for on google - e learning bhakti courses , Sri Sri Radha Gopinathji Temple.

wish you all the best.

Please forgive me for any of my offences.

Hari Bol , Hare Krsna.


Avatari Gauranga Das

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