Haven't you packed your bags yet ? Gaur Purnima Festival 2012.

Hare Krsna ,


ISKCON is basically a organisation of festivals, as the Lord Krsna himself likes the festivals himself. The topmost of all the festivals i.e. Gaur Purnima Festival is here again. so get ready for celebrations to please the Lord and Srila Prabhupada once again.

Mayapur Dham ,  this is the dhama belonging to most munificent Lord Gauranga and Nityananda., Every thing chanages and seen in different perspective here.  for example , we are celebrating the festival , we are enjoying the prasadam and you don't realise also that you have pleased the Lord. Pleasing of the Lord is a kind of by-product of your main activity of celebrating the festival. How nice and simple it is. Pleasing the Lord is the main objective of our life, the very purpose of our existence , isn't it ?

So dear friends , what are u waiting for ? Grab this opportunity and try hard to visit Mayapur Dham during Gaur Purnima festival period. It will take your bhakti to a diffrent level. I have experienced the same ,  and may be , your experience shall also not be a different one. You can experience sweet mood of Mayapur Dham , Lord Gauranga and Vaishnavas during Gaur Purnima Festival. No words can ever fully explain it. One should strive to experience it , a kind of once in a lifetime experience.

Gaur Bhkta Vrnda ki Jai.

Srila Gurudev Ki Jai.

Srila Prabhupada Ki Jai.

Panch Tatva Ki Jai.

Sri Mayapur Navdweep Dham Ki Jai.

Gaur Purnima Festival Ki Jai.

Hari Bol , Hare Krsna.











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