Guru Maharaj's visit to Toronto June 11 - June 14, 2010



Our dear guru maharaj, HH Jayapataka Swami, visited Toronto last weekend. This was probably the best weekend I had ever spent here. I feel so blessed that his visit materialized at a time when I was here! It is also very special to me as our dear Gurudev granted me second initiation at the ISKCON Brampton temple on Saturday, 12 June!

Guru maharaj arrived on Friday night at 11 pm. After being jubilantly welcomed by my god brothers and sisters at the airport he arrived at the home of HG Sanatan Sevak das prabhu and HG Kamala Gopi devi dasi mataji. After a very light snack he and his able servants retired for the night or should I say day?! Saturday morning we had a late start and after breakfast guru maharaj met with disciples and other devotees. He then went for a walk outside of my god sister, HG Kamala Gopi’s home for half an hour. We saw how focused guru maharaj was and made tremendous effort to take those steps and walk. There were a host of devotees then anxiously waiting to meet with him after his lunch. Guru maharaj being as merciful as ever, granted audience to all and profusely blessed all of them.

After resting for some time, and his visit to the gym, he was ready to go to the ISKCON Brampton temple where there was an initiation program to be performed – a couple of first initiations, some second initiations and some shelter candidates as well. He had his dinner on the way in the car. The temple hall was overflowing and there was no place for people to sit after a while! Guru maharaj was very happy and addressed the congregation for about half an hour after which the initiation ceremony was performed. He then returned home
and retired after a light snack.

On Sunday morning, we had a start as per his normal schedule and after breakfast, went for a walk across from the home for half an hour. On his return again there were a large number of devotees waiting to meet with him and take his blessings! Guru maharaj sat and talked to everyone and also looked radiant and very happy! After lunch he retired to rest and then in the evening left to address the congregation at the ISKCON Toronto temple, at the Sunday Love Feast. Guru maharaj managed to walk around all the altars starting from Srila Prabhupada through to Sri Sri Gaura Nitai, Sri Sri Radha Kshir Chor Gopinath and then Sri Sri Jaganath Baladev Subhadra and paid his obeisances standing in front of Them! He then addressed a very enthusiastic crowded congregation. After the address, he had dinner in the Govinda’s dining hall where he was joined by some of his God brothers and sisters.

On Monday morning he got up at his usual time and after breakfast was ready to get going to the airport. His wonderful servants had all
the bags ready and packed. A cavalcade of cars drove down to the airport to see him off to Atlanta! As his able servants got the check in formalities completed, guru maharaj was swarmed with disciples/devotees and he was talking very nicely with everyone and said that he was very happy to have visited Toronto and spent time with all of us! It was indeed very merciful of him. We paid our obeisances to him and finally with a heavy heart bade him farewell as
he disappeared into the security area.

We are all so happy that we were able to associate closely with our dear guru maharaj on this memorable visit to Toronto/Mississauga!

Thank you Guru dev for your causeless mercy!

Your servants and spiritual children at

ISKCON Brampton/Mississauga

ISKCON Toronto

June 18, 2010

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