Govinda has a colour of rain cloud blue

A glowing beautiful hue

He plays beneath the kadamba tree

And loves the cows and calves you see

The music from his flute is sweet

And ankle bells jingle on his dancing feet


The swans are drinking the happy sound

Of the flute notes floating all around

The birds and butterflies laugh with joy

when they look upon this cowerd boy

His eyes are charming, his smile is sweet

Attracting us to his lotus feet


Govinda is a charming cowerd boy

His caws and calves are full of joy

His face is like a lotus encircled with curls

shineing like a moon among the cowherd girls

When mother yashodha churns the butter so sweet

Govinda likes to have some to eat


He steals the butter and hides in fear

And cry frightened tears when yashoda comes near

The rope is always a bit too small

And not as big as govinda's ball

His mother is quick to forget and forgive

Without little govinda how could she live ???

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