Dear devotees,


The following is GM's latest update from Mahavaraha prabhu. We request all the devotees to pray for his speedy recovery.


Your humble servants,

Vaikunthapati das & Ratnavali dd




Dear All,



GM was admitted in a hospital in Sydney on the 31st Dec at around 11.30pm after we noticed the wounds on his legs becoming worse and he was diagnosed to be having MRSA. At 5.30am they started the antibiotic through IV. They did  a swab test from the all the wounds on the legs and also a blood test.


The blood test result seems ok, means as usual. Nothing has gone worse compare to the previous test. At  6am x-ray was done on both his legs and found that no infection on his knee or ankle join. So fortunately the infection has not reached the blood stream and the joints and the doctors confirmed it is just a superficial infection.


He may go for a minor surgery for the wound. It just a removal of the pus. He may have to stay in the hospital for 3-4 days if he responds to the antibiotics and the wounds start healing. He is stable.


More update after surgery.


Maha Varaha D

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