Hare Krsna ,


The Gaur purnima festival has already begun and Gaur Mandal Prikrama is about to start within another 2-3 days. I am not able to attend due to various reasons as usual. I therefore pray as below -

O Lord , What heaps of sins should  have i commited in my previous lives that i am not able to join for any of these two in mayapur. Please forgive me.

I don't have any attraction towards your beautiful form with Srimati Radharani and Ashtasakhis in Mayapur as i have been deeply engrossed in sense gratification through all my life uptill now. Please save me.

My Dear Gaur Mandal , As the shastras say "no place is as beautiful as you in this whole universe". I must have commited some offences against devotees while in Dham , so you are punishing me by keeping me away from yourself. I humbly pray at your lotus feet again and again to please forgive all my offences and grant me permission to serve you as soon as possible by leisurely wandering and sleeping in your lap , as that is the only service which i am capable of offering you. 

My Dear Srila Prabhupada , You have entrusted us with the full time occupation of preaching and serving Lord Sri Gaur Nitai , but this laziest man in the world have no shame to declare that i have not done your job all through my life. Please be compassionate upon me and have your causeless mercy upon me.   

My Dearest Guru Maharaj , Please forgive this hypocrate, Liar and cheater who has not been able to perform any service unto you worth mentioning. How my heart has become so hard and the eyes so dry that i am not able to even cry also. Please have mercy upon this worthless wretch , who has not contributed anything to glorify your name in this world.  

All the devotees in mayapur , You are so opulant and glorious . Please have mercy upon me and pray to the Lord for this fallen soul , who has only one wish unfulfilled , to be able to serve my Guru Maharaj by my mind, words and deeds with strong will power and determination in all times , places and circumstances till the end of this life. 


Hari Bol.


Hare Krsna.




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Comment by RAMANI VISHAKA DEVI DASI on April 2, 2012 at 9:29pm

 hare krsna prabhuji,

           pamho  AGSP,AGSGAG

      Reading and scrutinizingly going through your prayers made me realize so many things & introspect myself .

 Thanks for sharing such a humble and wonderful prayer.Real inspiring


Ramani Vishaka devi dasi

Comment by Ratikeli Radhika devi dasi on March 15, 2012 at 6:52pm

Hare Krsna!



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