After the breakfast Guru Maharaja took darshan of the Deities and then went to the Gym to do his physiotherapy. Around 1.30 he returned to his quarters. Had his lunch and then took rest until 4.30. He did his walking practice and he was about to start his excercise with a newly purchased machine from Bangalore when we both came to his quarters at 5.30pm. There was some problem in operating this machine and Krishnakumar prabhu from Italy who is a technical expert in electrical and electronic equipments was fixing it. It would take 15 minutes or so to get it fixed.

Guru Maharaja's day is generally packed with therapy, excercises, evening class so there is hardly anytime to do other activities like correspondence, or meeting with devotees. Since there was a gap we took this opportunity to discuss some matters concerning upcoming online initiation. He had earlier asked us to download a 5minute youtube video interview of HH Radhanath Maharaja on fox news for him to see which we had it downloaded for him. Guru Maharaja watched this clip. Here is the url of this youtube if anyone is interested to see The interview was about Maharaja's Autobiography book "Journey Home". Guru Maharaja commented Fox news is the second most watched news channel in USA. He said we could show this to Acyutananda prabhu (He is Radhanath Maharaja's disciple).

Just then a couple had arrived to have darshan and get blessings of Guru Maharaja. They are from Durgapur, West Bengal. Guru Maharaja inquired about their names for which they replied Syama Madhava das and Dayavati devi dasi. Both Guru Maharaja and ourselves we commented it couldn't be just Dayavati dd. Dayavati means merciful. It doesn't denote any personality. Guru Maharaja asked us to check her name in the database and clarify. Luckily we had our laptop with us at that time to check and her name was Dayavati Gopi dd. She had taken initiation in 2003. They became extremely happy to know her real name after so many years with the mercy of Guru Maharaja!

While this was happening the team of JPS care takers headed by Maha Varaha prabhu had their regular weekly Sunday meeting. They discuss on how to improve their services to Guru Maharaja and clarify any issues or misunderstanding so that the team can effectively serve Guru Maharaja.

Guru Maharaja did his excercise on the fixed machine for a while and then took his dinner prasad about 8pm while some devotees were singing kirtan outside his room. After the dinner, Guru Maharaja came out to give cookies to the devotees. Two Spanish speaking matajis, daughters of a Srila Prabhupada disciple were there. Guru Maharaja enquired about them. He commented that their father was Guru Maharaja's friend. He had also come to see Guru Maharaja but he had stomach upset due to some prasad that he had taken earlier so he had to leave. Guru Maharaja gave thoughtfully few cookies for him as well. Guru Maharaja went to take his rest after this.

by Vaikunthapati das and Ratnavali dd

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