By Guru Maharaja

(Congregational Development Minister)

Growing Temple congregations can gradually develop into dynamic communities of devotees. A community is like a living organism. The living body defends itself from internal and external attacks, and survives by adapting to different needs. Similarly a vibrant community takes care of the needs of its members, providing, for example, spiritual and social support for the grihastha ashram through marriage placement, marriage counseling, job placement, children’s affairs, engagement in devotional service, and other areas. In this issue His Holiness Radhanatha Maharaja presents examples of committees that perform these services and care for every single devotee. In this way the individual feels tremendous support from the community and is better protected from Maya's attacks.

ISKCON has gradually transformed from a purely Temple/Ashram based movement to a combined Temple and congregation movement. Now it is necessary that ISKCON develop a strong community spirit between Temple and congregation. Supporting the devotees in a greater community spirit also protects them from outside attempts to lure members away from Srila Prabhupada’s movement. If devotees are satisfied and feel part of a spiritually enlivening community, why would they want to leave for anything else?

Dear Godbrothers and Sisters,

Please support Guru Maharaja in his enthusiasm for congregational development. And not just in spirit. Show that you are interested by taking part in it.
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And, if you are involved in congregational preaching, please let us know about it so we can post it on facebook, the website and most importantly, so that our dear Guru Maharaja will be able to know that his disciples are supporting him to the best of their ability.

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