One day looking at the altar i realized, one very important thing that is missing in our altar .......being a aspiring disciple of guru maharaj we dont have a photo of guru maharaj "i should get a good photo of gurumaharaj and keep it in the altar ". This was my friend thinking and after some time she also discussed it with her parents (who were also aspiring from guru maharaj, now initiated) and the family decided to get a photo of guru maharaj in there altar.

After that one day guru maharaj is visiting our temple in bangalore. Everyone is in their own world ,thinking of how to welcome GM, what kind of garland should we make ,who should make the garland ,and how should we decorate our temple . There was complete festival atmosphere.

Some of our congregation devotees were getting initiation on that day and some of them were getting sheltered and some of us where waiting for aspiration from GM. And i was observed in gurumaharaj's thoughts because i was getting aspiration from gurumaharaj on that day .I Was thrilled about it and i was trying to get the mood of a servant of the servant of the servant and so on......................

Then finally guru maharaj arrived at 11.00 AM and everyone were happily welcoming GM with mind blowing kirtan and creating a spiritual vibration there .GM took darshan and started to give initiations and after all these GM started accept the aspiring disciples, at that time GM was distributing the mercy of there lordships sri sri Radha Madhava ,Pancattava and sri sri Jagannath, Baladeva and Subadra devi in the form of photos .GM looked at me and asked "Are you under Shelter" i replied no GM and my father was also with me and he replied "no GM she is chanting only 8 rounds" then gurumaharaj told "ok you take aspiration now" and i replied " ok GM" and i took. Then we all were standing there GM started to distribute the photos of there lordships which he had in his hands. Then at one point of time GM showed one photo and asked " who wants this ?"

everyone where thrilled who's there in that photo, since he was holding it the other side of the photo. Then everyone started to raise there hand and finally GM decided to give it to two girls ie., me and my friend, we both were like so much tensed thinking that who will get that transcendental photo and GM was once showing it to me then next to my freind who was with me this contined atleast for 1min and so and finally Gurumaharaj gave the phots to my hand ............................

And when i saw the photo i was really shocked to see that it was GM's photo which he gave me i dint know what to do, what to speak and just bowed down and i was in estacy.............................

Then i realized that guru maharaj gave me that photo because i was wanting him in our altar .And then onwards i started to worship GM's photo placing in our altar which was given by his own lotus hands.

This past time happened in Iskcon Sri Jagannath Mandir Bangalore to one of my friend by name Sudha and i thought i'll just share it...... because i was the other girl whom gurumaharaj wanted to give the photo and unfortunately i din't deserve it.........but i'm happy that my friend got it and infact from that point of time we both developed a good relation between ourselves...... and GM is the one who started that relation I thank gurumaharaj again and again for the wonderful gift he has given me for which i dont deserve.......Thank You Gurudev thank you for your wonderful causeless mercy on this useless soul...

SRILA GURUDEV KI.............JAI,JAI,JAI...............

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Comment by prema vinodhini devi dasi on November 17, 2010 at 11:27am
very wonderful pastime!!
Comment by Ratikeli Radhika devi dasi on November 11, 2010 at 11:14am
Hari Haribol!
Comment by Sulakshana Gopi Devi Dasi on August 2, 2010 at 8:59am
So sweet :)
Comment by Sasvata Nimai das on July 31, 2010 at 1:34pm
Thats wonderful, ALL GLORIES TO GURU MAHARAJA! He's so mysterious sometimes!
Comment by Rasapriya gopika devi dasi on July 16, 2010 at 8:58pm
thank u very much for sharing this pastime of Guru Maharaj with us.



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