Gurumaharaj’s causeless mercy again worked wonders! and I got the golden opportunity to spend five blissful days in the association of my dear Spiritual Father! Yes, this
Bhishma Pancaka, Gurumaharaj allowed me to be with Him! About 400 devotees took
up the austerity to live on “fruits and roots” for five days. And like always,
Gurumaharaj had been the source of inspiration for many devotees. I, personally
met one mataji from Malaysia, who had no plans to observe Bhishma Pancaka
vrata, but ended up doing it, just because Gurumaharaj was doing.

Devotees were amazed to see that, Gurumaharaj, inspite of His current health condition, was observing the vrata with absolute enthusiasm. And we all know, how contagious His enthusiasm is! After all, He is
H.H. Jayapataka Swami, whose actions inspire millions of lives and whose
speech transforms millions of souls. The Five days of Bhishma Pancaka were no
less than a transcendental roller-coaster ride, in terms of excitement! The
bliss of having darshan of Gurumaharaj, attending His lectures, doing kirtans
during His prasadam times, is inexplicable and unparalleled...

Gurumaharaj returned to Mayapur, after a short trip to Mathuradesh, on 15th November and Bhishma Pancaka started from 17th. On 16th
evening, He gave a class on the rooftop of Lotus building(in front of His room)
about Bhishma Pancaka vrata. But, inspite of everything, the Best Thing about
Bhishma Pancaka is, the oppurtunity of honouring prasadam, WITH our Dear
Spiritual Father! For some of us, who spend half the year, waiting for
Gurumaharaj’s personal association, it is indeed the most wonderful.

All the 5days, Gurumaharaj would come to Gada Prasadam hall, to honour prasadam with the devotees, who were observing Bhishma Pancaka Vrata. Infact, He would
not just come, but made sure, that all the 400 devotees get His darshan and
blessings. Gurumaharaj would go all around the prasadam hall with His servants
behind Him, greeting the devotees and showering mercy over them...And, during
the lunch prasadam, of the first day of Bhishma Pancaka, all of us received a
Great Surprise Treat from our Dear Spiritual Father! HE SPONSORED “DAAB”(green
coconut) FOR ALL OF US!!! i don’t know whether it is my speculation or not, but
it was possibly the best daab i have ever tasted in my whole life!(maybe
Gurumaharaj’s mercy made it so sweet!)

Everyday before coming for the breakfast, Gurumaharaj would go to temple, to meet His beloved Panca-tattva, Radha Madhav Ashta Sakhi, Prahlad Nrisimha and Srila
Prabhupada. He would do arati and offer different offerings, on each of the
five days-(Lotus flower to the feet of the Lord, on the first day; bilva leaves
to the thigh of the Lord, on the second day; scents to the navel of the Lord,
on the third day; hibiscus flower to the shoulders of the Lord on the fourth
day; and malati flower to the head of the Lord, on the fifth and final day of
Bhisma Pancaka)

Everyday, Gurumaharaj’s breakfast was followed, either by His pool therapy or gym workout, and after that, Ganga bath! He would go to Ganga with His servants and
other devotees and do ‘tarpana’ for Bhishma deva, then He would return and
again come to Gada Prasadam hall, for His lunch. After His breakfast and lunch,
different devotees would come to meet their dear Spiritual Father. Gurumaharaj
would speak with them and sometimes even treat them with some maha, off His own
plate! And sometimes, some of those lucky disciples, would go around, to share
Gurumaharaj’s mercy with their other godbrothers and godsisters too!

Usually, in the afternoon, Gurumaharaj would do His walking therapy, followed by a bath, then dinner and after that He would go to temple for Damodar Arati.

On 17th and 18th (the first two days of Bhishma Pancaka), Namahatta department, had their District Congregation Meeting for Nadia District.
Gurumaharaj went there after offering lamp to Yashoda Damodar. On the first
day, He was having a Question-Answer session. There He answered various
questions of the devotees, in Bengali. One of the devotees, requested
Gurumaharaj, to narrate some of His pastimes with Srila Prabhupada, to which Gurumaharaj
replied that, even if He talks about His times with Srila Prabhupada, for the
whole night, then also it will remain unfinished! However, He did tell about
five of His, sweet pastimes with His beloved Spiritual Father.

On the second day(18th November 2010), He spoke about Namahatta Preaching: how it started and how to expand it further etc. Since, it was the
meeting of Nadia Namahatta, Gurumaharaj stressed on the fact that, the devotees
of Nadia Congregation, must be very cautious, so that they don’t take their
position for granted, and be relaxed about preaching. As, they are already
fortunate enough, to be born in Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s place, they must take up
preaching very actively and thus, inspire other devotees, from different parts
of the world. After the lecture, Gurumaharaj again held a Question-Answer
session and thereafter, some devotees took shelter and thus the Day drew
towards the close...

The 3rd Day of Bhishma Pancaka(19th November 2010), we finally had the chance to offer Gurumaharaj, a Gurupuja! In the morning, after
Shringar arati, we all gathered in Gada Prasadam Hall, and offered our humble
worship to our dear Spiritual Father. That day, one little girl had her first
grain eating ceremony! Gurumaharaj fed her “kheer” with His own hands and she
looked pretty ecstatic! Later that day, in the evening, Gurumaharaj gave a
Bhagavad Gita class on the rooftop. It was perhaps the best Bhagavat Gita class
i ever attended.

For some unknown reasons, i have this strange affinity towards the rooftop of Lotus Building...My Gurumaharaj’s residence. Each and every corner of that place has
something in connection to Gurumaharaj and even when He is inside His room, you
can feel His presence in front of you! For me, it is a place where i cant be anything,
but blissful; it is a place where i discover and rediscover my real identity,
that, i am worse than an insignificant insect and only because of the mercy of
My Spiritual Father, i am standing there...and it is also a place where i chant
some of the best rounds of my life...That day’s Gurumaharaj’s lecture under the
starry sky, fragranced with the scent of Shridham Mayapur was nothing but pure

The next day, also started off beautifully...Gurumaharaj gave the morning Bhagavatam class and spoke on the pastimes of Dhruva Maharaj. He was saying how
the activities of a Pure Devotee can influence the entire material
creation...then He answered the questions of the devotees and went for
breakfast. After this, the day went on in the usual way. Gurumaharaj went to
the gym. Then again we were back for our lunch prasadam with Gurumaharaj.

Later in the evening Gurumaharaj met the devotees from Malaysia. They all put up an ecstatic kirtan in front of Gurumaharaj’s room and i was most happy to join them!
After a while H.H.Gauranga Prema Swami Maharaj, one of Gurumaharaj’s Sannyasi
Disciples, came for a meeting with Gurumaharaj, which went pretty long. Then
Gurumaharaj met the initiation candidates and
by the time everything was done, it was quite late.

The next day was the last and final day of The Glorious month of Kartik,as well as, of Bhishma Pancaka and Sri Krsna’s Raasa Lila Day. A huge number of devotees
arrived for the festival. In the morning, Gurumaharaj gave a class on the
festival of Raasa, from Srimad Bhagavatam 10th canto. Thereafter He
went for the breakfast, after which, he met some medical students from Calcutta
Medical College, and told them, how they can utilise their knowledge on medical
science in Krsna Consciousness and that, by knowing about Krsna, they can also
become Spiritual Doctors! Then He, told them about Bhaktivedanta Hospital in
Mumbai, where they have a Spiritual Counselling department. Their work is, to
counsel the trauma patients, letting them to know about the Spiritual Science
and thus, helping them to go back to their normal lives and at the same time
imparting the Supreme Knowledge in them. Gurumaharaj also, told them about Mayapur
Project and His wish, to have a proper hospital there...then, He gave prasadam
to all the boys and blessed them. From there, GUrumaharaj went to the gym.
around 1 o’clock in the noon, He gave initiation to about 50 candidates. In the
evening, at moonrise, we were scheduled to break our 5-days vrata. And there

After coming back from the Prasadam Hall, we found the devotees preparing for the Elephant Procession! The din of Sandhya Arati kirtan honeyed the atmosphere,
beautiful rangolis adorned the streets, lights sparkled everywhere and coloured
festoons fluttered over seemed that, the mood of festivity was in
full swing! Gurumaharaj came for the procession and from there, we all went to
the temple for the last Damodar Arati of the year...H.G.Nitai Priya prabhu
(better known as Krsnadas Kaviraj) presented a beautiful offering of
Damodarashtakam, while Gurumaharaj offered arati to Yashoda Damodar...and, the
next day He went to Puri, for Shrikshetra Parikrama, after an early breakfast
and gym workout...Many devotees went for Shrikshetra Parikrama, with Gurumaharaj...but for us, who stayed back, the wait began once again...

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