There is immense importance to the prayers among the Vaisnavas. These prayers take us very close to the Lord and make to melt our stone like heart very fast. They are very nicely worded and the condition of the living entity is very succinctly described therein.

Our Vaishnava literature is filled with prayers only.We like to pray to the Guru, Gauranga and all merciful Lord very very much , as our very existence is dependent on their mercy only. What we expect here , is the collection of the best of the prayers scattered through various books,Vaishnava songs etc. along with English translation for the pleasure of Srila Gurudev and all the Vaisnavas. ( Not too Long ). Try to present in the author's words in the short descriptions.

Henceforth, For prayers, just click here and start praying with me.  24 x 7, round the clock. how is it ? 

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Comment by Avatari Gauranga Das on September 29, 2013 at 9:46pm

The following is an excerpt from a prayer Srila Prabhupada wrote during his journey to America on Scindia shipping Co. steamship:


"My dear Lord Krsna, You are so kind upon this useless soul, but I do not know why You have brought me here. Now You can do whatever You like with me. But I guess You have some business here, otherwise why would You bring me to this terrible place?


Most of the population here is covered by the material modes of ignorance and passion. Absorbed in material life, they think themselves very happy and satisfied, and therefore they have no taste for the transcendental message of Vasudeva. I do not know how they will be able to understand it. But I know Your causeless mercy can make everything possible because You are the most expert mystic.


How will they understand the mellows of devotional service? O Lord, I am simply praying for Your mercy so that I will be able to convince them about Your message.


I wish that You may deliver them. Therefore if You so desire their deliverance, then only will they be able to understand Your message.


How will I make them understand this message of Krsna consciousness? I am very unfortunate, unqualified and the most fallen. Therefore I am seeking Your benediction so that I can convince them, for I am powerless to do so on my own.


Somehow or other, O Lord, You have brought me here to speak about You. Now, my Lord, it is up to You to make me a success or failure as You like.


O spiritual master of all the worlds! I can simply repeat Your message, so if You like You can make my power of speaking suitable for their understanding.


Only by Your causeless mercy will my words become pure. I am sure that when this transcendental message penetrates their hearts they will certainly feel engladdened and thus become liberated from all unhappy conditions of life.


O Lord, I am just like a puppet in Your hands. So if You have brought me here to dance, then make me dance, make me dance, O Lord, make me dance as You like."

Comment by Avatari Gauranga Das on September 20, 2013 at 8:49pm

Hare Krsna,


I like this prayer by Sri Sac-cid-ananda Bhaktivinoda Thakur in "Sri Navadvipa-dhama Mahatmya" very much , hope you may also love it. As we all know , he is the seventh Goswami , here he has indicated how to pray for the benefit of the living entity -

            "I make one request at the feet of the Vaisnavas. Let my relationship with Gaura be sealed. Along with that relationship , let me reside in Navadvipa for a long time. This is my wish. I am a worm in the hole of materialism, extremely evil in conduct , devoid of devotion, filled with lust and insane with anger. How else can such an evil person as I , the servant of maya, attain a relationship with Gauranga ? 

           O Navadvipa-dhama, show your favour on me and appear in my heart, so that I may be delivered. O Praudh-maya, protecting goddesses , please be genuinely merciful , for you are the only hope to cross over the obstacles due to ignorence. Vrddha Siva , protector of the dhama , be compassionate on me. let the transcendental dhama be revealed to my eyes.

             O residents of Navadvipa and devotees of Gauranga , put your feet upon my head , rascal that I am. Everyone , please hear this prayer of mine , so that I will quickly attain the feet of Sri Caitanya." 

Hari Bol , Hare Krsna.

I will keep posting in the future also.





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