I would like to thank Rasanandagovinda for his post about surrendering to Guru as the prime necessity of life.

We all have to follow something or someone. Or as Nirantara Prabhu says, " you're gonna have to serve somebody ". So for progress of the ultimate goal of human form of life, to return back to Godhead, one sould (Must) follow the Guru with his life and soul! I personally am not at that point- YET - but by mercy of theGuru I am certain I will reach there. For I understand (also by the mercy of Guru) that there is no other way , no other way, no other way! Just like Sankirtana- chanting of the holy name, the qualified Guru is essential. This is stated firmly in all the revealed scriptures! What you commit yourself to determines your future.. Whatever path you take detemines your destination. Whatever you associate with you become like. These are logical everyday common sense laws or rules. So if we truly want a life of eternity, full knowledge and full bliss and want to truly help others to be happy then we should adopt the recommended process of holding tight to the lotus feet of the bona fide Guru- the mercy potency of the Lord.... and making our life an instrument for his purpose. Then as Rasanadagovinda says, everything will be alright. I also ask for the blessings of all Vaisnavas to help me surrender 100% unto the Lotus feet of Sri Gurudeva, Sri Radha/Krishna, Sri Gaura/Nitai!!


Your humble servant gopal..aspiring disciple of HH Jayapataka Maharaja. 

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