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At 12:36am on May 19, 2014, Gaurangi Gopi dd said…

Dear Prabhu
(This message has been dictated by HH Jayapataka Swami for you on this special day)
All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Please accept my blessings!

I am very happy to learn that it is your birthday celebration today. I am praying for you everyday and i hope that this will be your last life and you do not have to take birth again as a condition soul. To be in devotional service is great opportunity and by this birth you are reaching the perfection. You can automatically deliver 14 generations, seven in the future and seven in the past. So this birthday is truly something to celebrate. Because you have been introduced to devotional service and this way your life can be a success.

We are very happy to have you amongst us and we like to wish you a happy birthday. It is your appearance on this earth.

Your well wisher always,

Jayapataka Swami

At 10:40pm on July 1, 2013, Subuddhi Krishna das said…
Hare Krishna,
Dandavats. Pranams. Srila Prabhupada Ki Jaya. Guru Maharaja ki Jaya.
During the recent retreat at New Talavan in USA, one thing became very clear to me. Our beloved Guru Maharaja wants all of us to help him in carrying out Srila Prabhupada's instructions to him. 
At the time of our initiations we all take vows that we help him. Let us be more serious about it. I propose to hold regular telephonic conferences of all disciples in North America. We can brainstorm ideas and come out with some action plan. We all can take up different responsibilities and inspire others also to take up some service.
I am prepared to arrange these conferences. Once I hear from you we will schedule a day and time of the month.
Hope you will all actively participate. Please forward this mail to everyone you know.
Looking forward to hear from you.
Your servant,
Subuddhi Krishna das
Tallahassee, Florida
At 11:37am on May 20, 2013, Gaurangi Gopi dd said…

Dear Prabhu
I am very happy to give you birthday blessings today on your appearance day in this world. Your life is very special as you have come to Krishna consciousness. Even a moment of Krishna Consciousness is more valuable than anything else you can think of in this world. I pray that Lord Krishna blesses Your life to be most valuable by engaging you more and more in His service. May your life be surrendered to the instructions of Guru and Gauranga and may you reach the lotus feet of Krishna at the end of this life. I hope your day is filled with happiness and bliss in Krishna Consciousness and also throughout the year.
(This message has been dictated by HH Jayapataka Swami for you on this special day)

At 7:04pm on April 12, 2013, Subuddhi Krishna das said…

Hare Krishna,

Dandavats, Pranams, Srila Prabhupada Ki Jaya! Guru Maharaja ki Jaya!!
There are many devotees who will be missing attending the vyasa puja in person, as live in a place where no vyasa puja is held.
We are planning to hold an online vyasa puja on Sunday the 21st April at 10:00 am (EST), 9:00 am (CST) 6:00 am (PST)  7:30 pm IST (others may calculate their timings).
They will have to write to me ( as I will be sending a link to join via email.
Few devotees have already given their names.
Please do it now as there is little time left.
Thank you,
Your servant,
Subuddhi Krishna das
At 9:57pm on March 28, 2013, Subuddhi Krishna das said…

Hare Krishna,

Dandavats. Pranam. Guru Maharaja ki Jaya!! Srila Prabhupada ki Jaya!!

We are planning to have a telephonic video conference for Guru Maharaja's vyasa puja this year. Would you like to join?

If yes then please write to me at

I will send you a link to join.

Hari bol,

Your godbrother,

Subuddhi Krishna das

Tallahassee, Florida

At 1:25pm on May 19, 2012, Gaurangi Gopi dd said…

Dear Prabhu

"Let me take the opportunity of your appearance in this world to wish you happy birthday and send you birthday blessings. We hope that this will be your last birth in your material condition and that you will achieve pure Krishna Consciousness in this lifetime. We hope that in this life you will be fully engaged in Krishna conscious activities serving Guru and Gouranga. We hope that this day will be very blissful and will be filled with thoughts of Lord Krishna. Make not only this day be auspicious, but may you advance in Krishna Consciousness during the whole year.

(This message has been dictated by HH Jayapataka Swami for you on this special day)

At 11:52pm on March 10, 2011, Subuddhi Krishna das said…

Hare Krishna,

Dandavats. Srila Prabhupada ki Jaya!! Guru Maharaja ki jaya!!

I was in Mayapur for GBC meetings and had darsana of Guru Maharaja. There was a meeting of our godbrotehrs and godsisters to plan for celebrating the Vyasa Puja in befitting way.

I plan to have a tele-conference of all devotees in North America. If you are interested to join please write to me at

Please inform all other godbrothers and sisters. Let us stand united in our service to Guru Maharaja.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Your brother,

Subuddhi Krishna das
At 7:25pm on October 1, 2010, JPS Disciples Team said…
Hare krishna prabhuji,
Plese findthe english translation of the first para in spanish diary.let us know whether this is ok...
but she couldnt get the translation for 'desmemorizados'.could you please guide..
You can all imagine who it was. MVP. When we tried to stop GM to take him to his room through the internal connection of the two rooms, GM said" I WANT TO USE THE NUPSTEP"

I think you already know what I am talking about. for the desmemorizados like myself, it's his private machine to make excersies. MVP went out of his room with his computer, this meant that the "controler" of GM in this moment would be this poor servant. GM practiced for almost half and hour, although I, in between jokes, tried to control his time, because he promised to only practice for 20 minutes. Meanwhile he was practicing he was dictating Ratnavali M the answer to the letter of the M kalasudha and finally after my insistance, he let me take him to his room. In there the devotee who was going to give him the massage was waiting for him and the devotees for the next shift were arriving, and with their permision I offered dandavas and I went to my room. I wanted to write this report last night, but it was not my day to stay up late.
To do a summary of the day today, GM gave initiatiations, I think Sarvani M was there, so you have to "attack" her so that she writes a report of that event. Also in this moment is 7pm of this day 16 of September. GM will be giving the the Gayatri mantra to the 40 devotees that took second, in the conference room of the first floor.

jpsdisciples team
At 3:53am on September 13, 2010, JPS Disciples Team said…
Hare Krishna Prabhu,
Thank you so very much for your kindness.
We have added a new page Diaries-spanish under the tab 'lilas'. Could you please post the diaries here.
Then we will ask the mataji to translate and mail it to you.once you approve,she can post in the site.

your servants, team
At 12:05am on September 10, 2010, JPS Disciples Team said…
Hare Krishna prabhuji,

Please accept our humble obeisances,all glories to Srila Prabhupada,all glories to Srila Gurumaharaj!!

Prabhuji,how can we receive Gurumaharaj's diaries that you are posting. There is one mataji who is ready to translate to english.She will translate one diary and mail you, so you can check whether she is doing it properly.

your servants, team



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