Transcendental pastimes

On this section we encourage disciples to share their transcendental stories in guru maharaj's association. They can be how you got introduced to guru maharaj , your most memorable initiation or some wonderful nectar that HH Jayapataka Swami shared with you or your family. You can include photos to show your story.We encourage devotees to contribute and create a wonderful Krishna conscious inspirational collection.Please share with us that magic moment!


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Comment by Amrta sakhi devi dasi on October 14, 2010 at 11:24am
so nice.....
thanx to Symarasika prabhu for sharing this with us.
hope we get to read more pastimes.....
Comment by Shyama Rasika Dasa (JPS) on October 12, 2010 at 4:58pm
One day in GYM

Guru Maharaj was doing exercises in GYM - at that time - Ruchi Rangada Prabhu assisting Guru Maharaj Him, and Deva Gauranga Prabhu, Danya Nimai Prabhu, and few others were there... at that time I was also assisting Guru Maharaj, and after when Guru Maharaj finished exercise in one Machine, Ruchi Prabhu asked me to hold the weight so that Guru Maharaj can release His legs, When I hold the weight, suddenly Guru Maharaj's legs were taken off, actually HH was holding the weight, then that weight start to pull me, I am not able to hold, it is 70kg...

(That time I thought, if Guru Maharaj withdraw His Lotus Feet then, I will be pulled by the power (weight) of Maya...)

Then Guru Maharaj was looking at me, how I was dragged by the weight, and HH started laughing... and I went and sat down very tiredly,

Guru Maharaj : You have Idly power - so soft

Myself : Yes! Guru Maharaj, I am a South Indian eating Idly - and no strength at all...

Then Guru Maharaj - showed His arms and showed His muscles and said "This is "MURUKKU" Power.... Then HH Laughed very loudly... and everyone was laughing in GYM -

Why Guru Maharaj said "MURUKKU" Power?

Before I leave from Coimbatore to Sri Mayapur Dham... I was discussing about Guru Maharaj's health and His Preaching Activities to one Mathaji Isvara Shakti Devi Dasi - and while talking I told her, that there is a temple in Kumbhakonam - is called Sri Oppuliyappar Temple - there they won't offer salt preparation to Visnu. I heard from Guru Maharaj saying that, "His (Oppuliyappar) diet is my diet, NO SALT DIET"... Then that Mathaji, said I will somehow arrange that prasadam before you leave from Coimbatore to Guru Maharaj seva. Then she sent one devotee from Coimbatore Gunanidhi Gaura Dasa to Kumbakonam and He personally stayed there, and the priest after hearing that this prasadam is for Guru Maharaj, they cooked specially, and offered to Visnu in the name Guru Maharaj. That Prasadam is "MURUKKU"... then I carried that to Sri Mayapur Dham - When Guru Maharaj arrived at Sri Mayapur Dham - from Damodar Desh - at night 11:30pm - HH went to bed at 12:30pm, while doing massage I told Him that - I have got one surprise gift for You. But I will tell You only in the morning - But Guru Maharaj want to know at that time itself - so I told about the "MURUKKU" - after that HH was silent for few moments - and praying to the Lord and blessing the devotees who sent the Prasadam. Then HH said, "I am waiting for the Morning (Sunrise to taste the Surprise)."

That night I did night shift with Janakiram Prabhu, and next day - I took all the Murukku prasadam and went to Guru Mahraraj, and gave Him each one piece murukkus - HH was so happy in taking and honoring Murukku Prasadam from Oppuliyappar Temple. And then - I asked Him, "Shall I distribute this for devotees"... Then immediately HH said - no - this Prasadam is only for me - then HH said everyday morning breakfast - give me two Murukkus - so I used to go every morning while HH honoring prasadam - I just add this two Murukkus...

Guru Maharaj took these Murukkus till 25th the day HH left Sri Mayapur Dham to Malaysia... Then at the Last day - HH said distribute the balance to Devotees, at that time Pundarikaksha Govinda Prabhu, (TOVP) - was there so - I gave him one pack - and rest was distributed to Devotees....

- MURUKKU POWER - so that's why Guru Maharaj said to me that "MURUKKU POWER"

"FORTUNATE SHYAMA RASIKA DAS" always wants to remain under HIS SHELTER...
Comment by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi on October 5, 2010 at 7:23pm
Hare Krishna! PAMHO, AGTSP, AGTGM!
When Guru Maharaj was visiting Damodardesh last year the first time he travelled out of India after his stroke, my daughter Madhavi Gopi was asked to read the menu for his dinner before it was served to him. She read the menu in which the item ~Dahi Vada~ was written. When she read this Madhav Kanta das prabhu and other senior disciples stopped her and said she was not reading it right as there was no Dahi Vada in the menu. (We all knew how Guru Maharaj really loves Dahi Vada but sadly he was not allowed to eat that now!) She got very scared and apologized to Guru Maharaj and said "Guru Maharaj, I am sorry, but I am only a messenger and was reading whatever was written on the menu". The same evening my daughter was feeling bad that Guru Maharaj had not acknowledged and talked to her that day as he normally did at other times and asked me - "Does Guru Maharaj remember me?" I did say that of course he always did remember all his disciples and then we went for the evening program at the local congregation hall for Guru Maharaj's discourse. Madhavi Gopi had got up from the spot she was sitting in front to go back to offer the Nrsimha scent to devotees, when Guru Maharaj in his discourse said "like Madhav Gopi mentioned earlier today that I am just a messenger, I am also just a messenger of Srila Prabhupada!" and he looked at the spot next to me where she had been sitting! Both she and I were so happy to hear that and that answered Madhavi Gopi's doubt as to whether Guru Maharaj remembered her! All Glories to Guru Maharaj's wonderful lilas!
Comment by Sulakshana Gopi Devi Dasi on October 1, 2010 at 8:11pm
During my initiation ceremony, i was watching all the japa malas that were going to be given to us.. they were all held by this devotee standing next to GM. GM was seated on the vyasasan and was giving a class(all about initiation). While watching the japa beads in the devotees' hands, i started wondering if they were really tulsi beads(in vrindavan some people sell neem as tulsi and many get fooled),.. whether the devotees checked before buying and instantly i heard GM say "we always check if the beads are tulsi" !!!!!!!!!!! I am very sure such incidents are common amongst my godbrothers and godstsers!!! GM can hear our thoughts... NO DOUBT!! and he clears our doubts! almost all of us have proof! Patitapavan GM ki JAI!!
Comment by Sulakshana Gopi Devi Dasi on October 1, 2010 at 7:52pm
Hare krishna!
In 2006, my mother, Devaki Madhavi DD was taking care of the goshala garden in vrindavan. Because of the sandy soil and extreme climate conditions, it had been quite a task to grow flowers, especially roses that grow well mostly in cool climates. But somehow my parents got a small garden going there.
When GM was on a visit to vrindavan during kartik, he went around the goshala garden to pay respects at Narmada maharaj's samadhi. It was a japa walk right after mangal arathi.Mum could'nt come for the japa walk as she was cooking for the gurupuja. I ran up to GM during the walk and told him of the seva mum was rendering on his behalf. I asked GM, " Gm, please bless that the garden will grow nicely"(i usually go numb in front of GM, but was forced by ShantaGopi mtj to speak "). GM pulled out a Marigold from his garland and touched it to my head and gave it to me. I was so thrilled. My mother dried the flower and got the gardener to sprinkle the dried up flower all over the garden. The next day, the entire garden was bursting with flowers!! So many clusters of flowers, one could hardly see the leaves. The garden was filled with peacocks and parrots... glimpse of Goloka vrindavan in present day bhauma vrindavan! The word spread and many devotees were visiting to see how the whole place had burst into this spectacular scene. Some devotees came with cameras! Nobody had seen so many flowers in the garden.
GM ki jai!!!
I, later on told GM of how the garden had all of a sudden blossomed because of his blessings... he just raised his eyebrows and smiled :)
Comment by ashraya govinda das on September 23, 2010 at 2:49pm
hare krishna nice transcendental stories .
thnk you
Comment by ANANDA KRSNA DASI on September 23, 2010 at 8:55am
Comment by Amrta sakhi devi dasi on September 23, 2010 at 7:38am
amazing!!! Jai Gurudev....
Comment by Kamala Gopi Devi Dasi on September 23, 2010 at 7:31am
GURUDEV ki jai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by ANANDA KRSNA DASI on September 23, 2010 at 1:08am
I COPY THIS FROM JAYA RADHICA CHAT WITH ME :his is definitely a favourite pic of mine. I love GM JPS strength pastimes. They are so cool and often funny and sometimes simply amazing! They always remind me of when he strung and shot the bow my father made. It was like watching Arjuna in action. GM JPS ki jai!
No photos I'm afraid...That was many years ago in the early days of Mayapur. We didn't own a camera. My father had wanted to carve a bow like Arjuna's. It was a beautiful work of art. Carved with flowers and leaves, vines etc. but he had such a good job that it was to strong. He couldn't bend the bow, much less string it. My father was a very strong man but that bow just would not bend for him. Then GM arrived back in Mayapur and asked my Dad if he had finished his bow yet. My father told him that he had but it was useless because he couldn't string it. GM asked if he could come and see the bow. When he came to our house my father put the bow in GM's hand and to our utter amazement GM bent and strung that bow with no effort at all. It was like watching Rama bending and string the bow to win Sita! Simply amazing! Then GM asked if my father had made any arrows, my dad handed him one and GM took us out to the fields and asked us what he should aim at. The field was totally flat except in the distance there was a stick standing up in the ground. My Mom told GM to aim for that even though it seemed so impossible. GM said,"all right", glanced very briefly at it and then shot the arrow straight up into the sky. It went so high that it completely disappeared and we were all sure that we would never see it again. GM just stood calmly looking at the stick. Suddenly we heard a slight whining sound and a thwack! The arrow had not only landed right in the middle of the stick it split it right down the middle! Jayapataka Swami ki jai!See More
Comment by Malini Susevika dasi on August 17, 2010 at 10:42pm
Jay Gurudev
Comment by Amrta sakhi devi dasi on July 19, 2010 at 11:36am

The following pastime of Guru Maharaj is shared by HG Premananda Gaura Prabhu, our god brother.

Once Guru Maharaj was in his house and Guru Maharaj was very tired after a long travel. And the very next day Guru Maharaj had to leave to another place. So seeing Guru Maharaj very tired Premananda Prabhu felt very bad and told Guru Mahraj to stay in his house for few dyas so that Guru Maharaj get proper rest. when Guru Maharaj did not accpet his suggestion, Premananda prabhu took away Guru Mahraj's passport and said that he would not let Guru Mahraj go. seeing this Guru Maharaj became very serious and screamed " PREACHING.......PREACHING is my REST" !!!!!!!!!
Comment by Sukanti Radha dasi on July 18, 2010 at 3:41am
continued from below............
This is at a stroke rehabilitation center
run by a Buddhist association at nearby Puchong--a charitable
institution. They have state-of-art facilities and quite quite
efficient and personal.
The next course of treatment will involve a teadmill machine called a
Lokomat. It retrains people to walk with proper balancing. Presently
KL does not have one.
All of his talks are broadcast live on the,
and afterwards they are saved. You can go there to listen to them. The
live lectures are usually at about 9pm Kuala Lumpur time, which is GMT
+8. (He is here until October 6th). Check for
announcements. You can also send questions to Maharaj, which he likes
to answer after the talk. Some nights are set aside just for questions
and answers. He will broadcast from India after the 6th.
It has been a moving experience to see Jayapataka Swami powering on,
jovial and ectatic, and to hear his enthusing talks.
Comment by Sukanti Radha dasi on July 18, 2010 at 3:39am
From: Amogha das []
Sent: 15 July 2010 12:18
To: jpsdisciples
Subject: Fwd: "Guru Maharaj's Jirst Japa"
"Guru Maharaj's First Japa"
Dear spiritual children of Jayapataka Swami,
I wrote the following on October 5, 2009, when your Jayapataka Swami
was here in
Malaysia. I thought you would like to read it. For those of you who
don't know me,
I am your Guru Maharaj's godbrother, Amogha das.
Jayapataka Swami "Live from KL"
For the past several days we have be treated to the chance to hear His
Holiness Jayapataka Swami's talks here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His
mood is jovial, cheerful and ecstatic. He is staying in a house rented
by Marici Prabhu, next door to his own house. There are many rooms and
plenty of space for his assistants. Sometimes he speaks there at
night, sometimes at Lord Jagannath's temple.
On Sunday he gave initiation to 125 devotees (92 first, 33 second)..
Today he gave give initiations to devotees who arrived from a nearby
One day during his talk he mentioned the first time he chanted japa. A
devotee gave him beads and he went to a nearby park. He used to do
hatha yoga so he sat in an asana position and chanted 32 rounds. He
was feeling some ectasy from chanted which amazed him. After the
thirty two rounds he went back to the temple. The devotee who gave him
beads to chant on said he made a mistake. He had given him Srila
Prabhupada's beads by mistake, and took them back, giving him new
Another time he mentioned that Srila Prabhupada told him he was a
devotee in his previous life. Jayapataka Swami replied, "But
Prabhupada, how could I have been a devotee? I am so fallen!" Srila
Prabhupada admonished him, "You are doubting the words of your
spiritual master?" Then Jayapataka Swami didn't say anymore about it.
He accepted Srila Prabhupada's instruction. "Ok, if Prabhuapda says I
was a devotee, I was a devotee."
One day He said he doesn't mind to give permission to his disciples
who want to become the Siksha disciple of another guru. He said that,
for example, several of Bhakti Caru Swami's disciples take Siksha from
him, and several of his disciples take Siksha from Bhakti Caru Swami.
He said he just wants all his disciples to feel well situated. "But
please stay within ISKCON," he said.
At a Bhagavad-gita class he mentioned a story Lord Siva told to
Parvati about a householder couple. They were travelling and the
husband said there is no value to travelling. You just do the same
eating, sleeping, mating and defending in a different place. There
were sitting under a hangman's tree, full of ghosts. The ghosts were
all waiting for night to fall so they could posess the couple. The
wife knew half of a verse of the Gita (8.1) kim tad brahma kim
adhyatmam, kim karma purushottama. Because they heard this the ghosts
were immediately taken to Vaikuntha. Afterwards Lord Vishnu sent for
the couple as well. Maharaj had us all blissfully chanting the verse
with him.
Another night he described how Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda met
for the first time. Gauranga asked the devotees to search all over
Navadvip for Nityananda. They couldn't find him. One householder had
devotees at his door three times asking for Nityananda. Then Gouranga
took a sankirtan party out chanting Hare Krishna. This brought out
Lord Nityananda. They saw each other and Gouranga cried out
"Nityananda!" He cried out "Gouranga!" and we were all shouting out
the same over and over with Maharaj.
Maharaj walks into the temple. There is a ramp but instead he ascends
the steps, about six steps. This requires assistance from his
disciples. He takes careful gradual steps, working to recondition his
He preaches in the evening after a full day of therapy.
Daily he takes hyperbaric oxygen therapy 1 hour a specialized clinic.
Also he goes for speech therapy 1 hour, occupational therapy 1 hour,
and physiotherapy 1 hour. This is at a stroke rehabilit
Comment by Sukanti Radha dasi on July 18, 2010 at 3:32am
We often hear of the glories of the six Goswamis. They were so absorbed in their devotional service, writing and preaching, that they forgot to eat and sleep. Or they would eat a palm serve of yogurt.
Continued from below.......
Should their disciples have said, "Guru Maharaj. Stop neglecting your health." Or "We should all tell our Guru what to eat, how to work."?
I say once again. If you want to be disciple, never ever criticize your Guru.
Comment by Sukanti Radha dasi on July 18, 2010 at 3:30am
HG Amogha Prabhu requested me to post this to all of you.
Subject: Disciples? Criticize?
It is your fault that you have karma, not his fault. He is so kind that he will take more karma to save more souls? Even after a terrible stroke? My God, you all owe him your life and soul!
"Disciples? Criticize?"
by Amogha das ACBSP
When I wrote about Jayapataka Swami's live broadcast talks in KL, he asked me to include details of his therapy, because disciples are criticizing him that he is not looking after his health.
I asked, "Godbrothers are criticizing you?" He replied, "Disciples." 
I was shocked to hear this.
There is no room in the same sentence for "disciple" and "criticize Guru." Disciples cannot criticize their Guru. This is not disciple. If you want to be a disciple of your Guru you will never ever criticize him. Never.
Do you think he is an ordinary man? Wrong.
Do you think he is ill because he made a mistake? Wrong. 
Srila Prabhupada risked all kinds of difficulty and abandoned consideration of his own health and physical comfort. He left comfortable Vrindavan, the spiritual world, to come to hell to save us. He had a heart attack on the way to America. Did he turn back?
"Oh, I had better look after my health. Let's go back." No.
He did not sit comfortably in the West either. He was on the move constantly, urgently preaching to save the fallen souls. To save us!
Most of Srila Prabhupada's disciples never sat in a room with him, except for hearing him from the Vyasa Asana. But they caught on to the fire of Prabhupadas desire to preach, and in his legion of soldiers they set out each day to serve him.
"You are a soldier in Krishna's army. Go on fighting for Krishna." he said. (morning walk in Perth) 
This is the connection between disciple and guru, to catch the mood of the Guru who is sacrificing everything, EVERYTHING, to urgently preach Krishna Consciousness.
He is so merciful that he accepts your karma at initiation, and he suffers more when initiated disciples don't follow properly.
Prabhupada humbly said "my mistake was to accept too many unqualified disciples." Why did he do this?
Unbounded mercy. He gave of himself, he gave mercy, out of compassion.
Did we ever hear his disciples saying "Prabhupada, you made a mistake."? Should we think that he was travelling too much? Preaching too much? Does anyone think he should have stayed in Vrindavan and not come to the West?
Srila Prabhupada said that everyone's house is on fire. They are dieing in ignorance of Krishna. Becoming animals, or ghosts. If someone's house is on fire it is so urgent that we warn them."Lookout, your house is on fire!" With great urgency he sought to save the people of this world.
If your guru is suffering from ill health, it is the mercy he gave to accept your karma. It is the mercy he gave to accept everyone who wanted to be his disciple. Through various means, the preparations and recommendations, the time period before initiation, he tries to ensure the disciples are sincere, but the material energy of maya tries constantly to erode their sincerity. Some are degraded. Some are temporarliy lost. What can be done?
If you want to find the cause of Guru's health problems, see the fact:
he has taken your karma. He is so merciful, even directly after his stroke, he gave initiations, and more intiations and more initiations, without hesitation. And he immediately continued to preach. Initiation means he takes your karma.
It is your fault that you have karma, not his fault. He is so kind that he will take more karma to save more souls? Even after a terrible stroke? My God, you all owe him your life and soul! And total allegience, and faith.
You should think, "My Gurumaharaj mercifully accepts new disciples, even though he had a terrible stroke. How could we ever repay him for this mercy?"
We often hear of the glories of the six Goswamis. They were so absorbed in their devotional service, writing and preaching, that they fo
Comment by Subal Kanai Das on July 15, 2010 at 6:58pm
when i was in Delhi temple guru maharaj use to come very often in Delhi temple. one day we were 4devotee with gurumaharaj in the lift suddenly GM hiding me on behind him and pushed me very tightly then asked to others where is subal ? nobody could find me ???(because I'm very very short before guru maharaj??? then Gm moved and let them see me and laughed loudly and devotees said Hriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiboooooooooooooooooooooooooool ?
Comment by Mathura Lilesvari dd on July 14, 2010 at 12:12pm
During the ISKCON Malaysia Convention in 2003, GuruMaharaj was autographing books. A long line of devotees were waiting to get GM's darshan. I did not know what to do, I wanted to go and get a book autographed too, but i hardly had any money to buy a book. However, I went to the book table and just got hold of one of the "cheapest" books, Endless Love. It was RM4. I lined up and waited for my turn. When my turn came, GM autographed the book, placed the book on my head and said " i give you my endless love". Guru Maharaj is an ocean of mercy, he knows what our heart craves for and gives us so much of much to the extent we can't love back with that intensity! Guru Maharaj ki Jai!
Comment by sathyesha govinda das on July 14, 2010 at 12:01pm
guru maharaj always bless us

guru maharajs visit to avatari desh,there was guru puja and then pada puja,i was giving warm water to every one to wash guru maharajs lotus feet. sathyesha prabhu was missing pada puja as he was busy with cooking break fast prasadam .as soon as he came i told him what he had missed.(because of him i was also missed the seva).with in half an hour we all behind guru maharaj as he is about to leave.sathyesha prabhu happened to come from front as soon as he is crosssing guru maharaj .gurumaharaj pressed him to wall very tightlly and said he is not allowing me to go............i was watching behind very happy seeing how our guru maharaj allowing sathyesha prabhu to touch his whole body mercy fully.
guru maharaj ki jay
keep us always
at your lotus feet
gunamayi radha devi dasi
avatari desh
Comment by Mathura Lilesvari dd on July 6, 2010 at 2:47pm

This eye opening pastime happened in December 2003. Guru Maharaj usually visits Malaysia for a string of Ratha Yatras every December. During this incident we were at the home of Giri Gopal Prabhu and Maha Dhira Mataji in Johor Bahru. Guru Maharaj was scheduled to give initiations at their home that evening. HH Bhanu Swami was also present.

HG Mani Bushan prabhu, a senior godbrother in Malaysia was in charge of the yagna and the initiation ceremonies. I was helping prabhu to prepare ghee wicks for the yagna. As my fingers got soaked in ghee I went inside the house to wash my hands. I had to walk pass Guru Maharaj. Guru Maharaj was still looking at the initiation list. As I walked in, I noticed there was no one except for Bhanu Maharaj and Guru Maharaj in the hall. Guru Maharaj looked up from reading the list, above his glasses and asked me, “are you in the list?” I said, “No, Guru Maharaj”. Guru Maharaj looked down and I continued walking. As I was disappearing from his sight, Guru Maharaj said out laud, “I’m not happy with you”. I was shocked. I seriously thought it had something to do about me not being in the initiation list. I stopped and very softly asked Guru Maharaj, “Why Guru Maharaj?” Guru Maharaj replied, “because you’ve not applied tilak in all 12 places saying the Lord’s names”. I was totally flabbergasted! How did Guru Maharaj know? Here was I wearing a fully covered saree blouse with its sleeves touching my elbow and a high neck. Moreover, Guru Maharaj hardly looked up at me. But the fact remains that Guru Maharaj was right. I only applied tilak on my forehead.

Totally embarrassed I told Guru Maharaj that I had to change in the neighbour’s house and could not put on tilak properly. It remained an excuse off course. Guru Maharaj then told me, “How are we to protect you, if you don’t apply tilak in all 12 places”? I was quiet. After all what can I say? After that I excused myself and after washing my hands, I immediately got hold of a tilak box and immediately put on tilak in all 12 places. I then went in front of Guru Maharaj as I had to pass by Guru Maharaj anyway to go out. I told Guru Maharaj that I have already put on my tilak. Guru Maharaj gave a approving smile.

From that day on, I never failed to put my tilak any situation. I told this pastime to some of my friends and all of them started taking tilak very seriously. Guru Maharaj knew I was not wearing my tilak. This is when I realised and understood that Guru Maharaj knows past, present and future. Thank you Guru Maharaj for always protecting me. Guru Maharaj ki jai!

Mathura Lilesvari, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



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