Transcendental pastimes

On this section we encourage disciples to share their transcendental stories in guru maharaj's association. They can be how you got introduced to guru maharaj , your most memorable initiation or some wonderful nectar that HH Jayapataka Swami shared with you or your family. You can include photos to show your story.We encourage devotees to contribute and create a wonderful Krishna conscious inspirational collection.Please share with us that magic moment!


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Comment by JPS Disciples Team on May 13, 2018 at 4:55pm

 It was the year 2013, I left my job in an IT company in Mumbai after doing my masters from Mumbai university. I left the job because my parents wanted me to settle up in Mayapur as was extremely attached to the Dham. Also I was supposed to get married by the May of the same year. So I did and happily settled down in Sridham Mayapur. The boy was from the USA and he came to see me and my parents for the first time. His parents were also coming from Hyderabad to see me in few days. My parents liked him. Everything was going smooth untill suddenly in the afternoon of one day, my father suddenly had a stroke and left his body on spot. 
Everything got shattered. My new life was about to start. His parents were to reach next day with all preparation for our engagement. But Krishna had a different plan. 
Our marriage got delayed for 1 year.
In the meantime I went to see Gurumaharaj on his rooftop and said that my father just left. There was a moment of seriousness and grave expression on His face and He looked up and saw that I was very sad, then He said " where did your father leave. I am your father". 
That moment was the best time of my life. I found my father back with me. I found my spiritual master turning into a loving caring affectionate father. 
Thank you Gurumaharaj.

Divya Nitailila D D

Comment by Nitaichandra Nimai das on March 21, 2018 at 9:09pm

Guru maharaja attention to the disciples emotional and sheltered feeling.

Last year 2017 when Guru Mahraja came for Bhisma panchak vrata, in Sridham Mayapur, I got the opportunity to have darshan of GURU DEVA on his residence, on the roof top of Lotus building, I went to get blessing and mercy so that i could be a instrumnet in the preaching Holyname,  Many devotees(disciples) were lined up for the same, Guru maharaja servants were also around hurrying devotees to not to make late, for Guru Maharaja has to Go for rest it was around 7:30 pm, I thought i Dont Know whether I would be able to have even glance of Guru deva, may be Guru maharaja give me some words of instruction. I was standing i was last person, immediately one devotee appeared before me and stated talking with Guru deva he was telling How his uncle has passed away recently  somewhere in the west,and the ashes he thrown into the Ganges, For me this talk was not so important, i thought why he is informing such silly thing to Guru Maharaja, then Guru Mahraja heared him carefully waited a while and angain asked him when did it happened, i was shocked to understand How much Guru deva is caring for his disciples who are actually shelterd to his Lotus feet even for the small details.

  Then again i went ahead a asked for the blessings, Guru maharaja blessed me with Jagannath toothbrush, still i rascal was not satisfied i even followed his divine grace inside his resting chamber and pleading for some mercy and instructions, then Immediately Guru Maharaja took out one Garland from his neck personally and offered me, i was drownig into the ocean of mercy, i felt so much shelterd,empowered, and eternally obligated to Guru Mahraja it is indiscribabale.

Thank you Guru deva for accepting me as your disciple even though most unworthy and fallen.

Your insignificant disciple

Nitaichandra Nimai das 

Comment by JPS Disciples Team on December 8, 2017 at 3:38pm

Once Gurumaharaj after his Gayatri asked HG Tusti Mohan Prabhu to call HG Jananivas Prabhu. He said "Plz call Jananivas Prabhu and tell him that Radha Madhav are not feeling comfortable. They want to go out". Tusti Mohan Prabhu was shocked. Nevertheless he called Jananivas Prabhu and said "Prabhu I'm sorry but GM is saying that Radha Madhav are not feeling well. They want to go outside". HG Jananivas Prabhu said "I know and I'm getting Them (utsav-vigraha) ready. Their Lordship will be taken outside the temple in ten minutes"..

(Excerpts from the talk given by HG Tusti Mohan Prabhu at JSSS meeting in Sridham Mayapur, 20.08.17)

Comment by Bir Krishna Balaram Das on November 19, 2016 at 11:11am


In Delhi, Once I was serving Gurumaharaja, mainly while taking his meals I used to hold a small bowl just below his lips so that if something falls from his mouth it can fall in that bowl and so that his dress is not touched by the ramnents. I was holding the bowl. Sometimes saliva comes out while chewing I need to clean that with a piece of tissue. What I was doing is, using one single piece of tissue for one time cleaning, thinking that, how much the cost of the tissue in front our Gurumaharaja, why to reuse the tissue. I did it for 2/3 times and then suddenly Gurumaharaja chastises me saying ''hey! why are you wasting so many tissues like this.''  Gurumaharaja's this behave has touched my heart very much. I was contemplating on this that, how much he is concern about the property of Krishna. Everything is belongs to Krishna and everything should be utilised properly. It shows how much love towards Krishna he is carrying in his heart. Loving Krishna does not mean only just worship Krishna. Loving some one means loving everything that is belongs to him.

Hare Krishna



Comment by Sulakshana Gopi Devi Dasi on October 11, 2016 at 9:22pm

Hare Krishna. PAMHO. 

This is my experience of how Gurumaharaj is 100% in control of our preaching when we surrender. 

In 2011, I had started a Bhagavad Gita class for housewives in an apartment for the resident ladies in a mataji's house. This mataji would invite and organize, and I would cook prashad and take the class. So on the first day, I ended up starting the cooking late and didn't have time to prepare for the class, 'Introduction to Bhagavad Gita'. I hurriedly offered and packed the prashad worried about how much I could mess up in the class. I prayed to Gurumaharaj requesting him to take full charge and forgive me for not preparing. About 10 ladies had come. And after pranati to Gurumaharaj, I started the class. By Gurumaharaj's mercy, it was received well and one of them even asked for beads to start chanting. I went back after the program and opened the Bhagavad Gita to the intro portion. To my shock I remember speaking the SAME EXACT statements as in the first two paragraphs of the introduction (After the mangalacharan)... I mean word to word!!!! Even though I have read the introduction several times and have given classes on the introduction I've never byhearted!! Therefore I am 100% sure Gurumaharaj takes complete charge of preaching programs when we try to surrender!! Gurumaharaj blesses us, takes charge, makes the program successful... and after all that... gets us the credit!! Patitapavan Gurumaharaj ki JAI!!!!

Comment by Madhusudhan on April 11, 2016 at 12:37pm
Hare Krishna... AGSP. AGSGM...
Last year 2015 when GM came to Bangalore with Safari devotees. On next day of ugadi festival Initiation program ogranized by ISKCON conversion Center. On that day We all waiting for GM darshan. Finally GM reached temple We all got GM darshan and immediately GM gone to one room. We all waiting outside the room for darshan. My sister asked GM for maha garland in her mind. I don't know all this things. I went to Goloka prabhuji He is very friendly to our devotees. I asked him for GM maha prasad but prabhuji told GM was not taken anything from morning. Then he gave me GM Maha Garland, I went to My sister and gave Maha Garland to her. She was so excited and very happy. Me and my sister never forget that day surprise... I heard GM read his disciples mind, that day I saw directly...Thank you Dear GM for all ur mercy...
Comment by Jaya Govind Ram Dasa on May 15, 2015 at 2:59pm

3 or 4 years back we met Guru Maharaj at a Farm House  near Tirupathi. After a long wait we had dharshan of Guru Maharaj. I offered some small Lakshmi to Guru Maharaj. Guru Maharaj told if you give 5oo Rupees he will give Nrisimha Abhishek Oil. We have given and got the oil and Guru Maharaj Blessed myself and my wife Madhu Mathy Priya dd and another family Bhadrasena Krishna Das and Kamala kanchana dd. We felt very happy.Photo attatched. To Guru Maharaja's Left myself and my wife is there. Hare Krishna!

Comment by Ratikeli Radhika devi dasi on September 5, 2013 at 11:26pm

We were watching the JPS Disciples UK Retreat on

On the second day,HH Bhakti Purushottam Maharaj gave a wonderful class on Vaisnava aparadha,and I felt a question welling up in my head.My dad too came and asked me the same question.We decided to forward the question through the chat box.I framed it up and were just about to send,when the emcee announced that the session was over,and there will be no Q&A..Dejected,I erased the question from the chat box,seeing no point in sending it now.

The next session was by Guru Maharaja!! He led kirtan and in all the excitement,I completely forgot I even had a question..Soon he started class,and the first thing he did,was to say.."You may ask...(our question!!! which i never even sent!!)..well then the answer is.." and he proceeded to clear our doubt..

Needless to say,dad and I were stumped..and our doubt was cleared too!!! :)

Guru Maharaj ki Jaya!!!!!

Comment by Nimai Pandit Blanco Perez on November 23, 2012 at 3:38am

once i told Guru-maharaja i was not chanting all my rounds and folowing the principles, and he said " Tell me, What im doing rong??" , this brake my heart. Hare Krsna!

Comment by Devarshi Srivas Das on April 15, 2012 at 3:43pm

Hare Krishna , HH Knows everything what going on in our heart. I have some realization one i am sharing now...

In Safari 2008 in  Bangladesh,

When we all are in lunch (Big engine boat) HH sat in fornt in a chair we all are siting besides HIM, me and one of senior  God Brother we were massaging HIS lotus feet with  one kind of oil so that time one God brother he cam with a plate of sweet prasadam " So , Gurumaharaja said is it sweet or not all of taste then which one is tasty give me "" HH giving to all that Prasadam sometimes by eating some part of that so merciful he is i am just thinking how i will get because my hand is not free at that moment i was in his left side he put his hand iin my head and pushed then my mouth faced in up and its oppend he put sweet in my mouth. So tears came in my eyes and and my heart is vibrating whole body's hair stand to end. Heart is full of joy So was astonishing and just thinking actually WHAT KIND OF PERSONALITY HE IS !!! WHO IS HE REALLY !!! JUST A SECOND I THOUGHT AND HE DID ACTION AS MY DESIRE.

He is " life of me" Heart owner

My beloved !!! Spiritual Father HH JAYAPATAKA SWAMI !!!

Comment by Ranganath Govinda Das on March 29, 2012 at 9:59pm

Here I am trying to explain one of many realizations that I had about our beloved guru maharaj.

I like Ranganath Swami so much since I was a non-devotee. Similarly my wife (she has been a devotee since the time she was a student) likes Radharani so much and she was dreaming to have Radharani's name as her spiritual name. At the time of initiation we did not select any specific lila of our interest leaving everything to GM's decision regarding our spiritual names.

After initiation we understood that how GM reads the minds of every devotee so accurately. The proof for it is our initiated names. Most merciful GM gave our names as follows

Ranganth Govinda Das

Radhesvari Gopika Devi Dasi.


Guru Dev ki Jai

Comment by Amrta Madhavi Devi Dasi on October 22, 2011 at 12:35pm

Gurumaharaj was recently in Bangalore. This time I was determined not to go and push my way and demand blessings from GM as I usually do.  We went to far off South Bangalore temple to just have darshan of Gurumaharaj and when GM arrived my heart was so full of gratitude for having His darshan from a distance of 10 feet and I felt fully satisfied for having atleast this opportunity. But to my surprise this time even before he sat on vyasasana he lifted both his hands as he usually does to bless when someone asks for his blessings, but this time unasked he lifted his hands and turned to all of us as if to say he was blessing all of us but devotees also raised their hands not understanding whats happeniong. GM tried to non verbally say that he was blessing us all but still devotees kept their hands up, but My hands were raised doing pranam with both my hands to my dear GM who was blessing all his disciples without our asking because I was strongly desiring his blessings. I was very very touched. GM had understood my heart. I had decided not to trouble others for getting his blessing but he gave to all of us, although i verbally didnt ask for it. Thank you Gurumaharaj. Gurumaharaj ki jai!

Comment by Nila Radhe Devi Dasi on April 28, 2011 at 10:22am

I had recently first time been to Mayapur, and i had gone when GM vyasapuja was there,my only purpose to visit the Dham was to see Sri Sri Pancha Tatva,Sri Radha Madhav, Narsimha Dev.

But Krishna had some other plans for me, everyone was sitting in the Lotus Building to get guru maharaj's darshan ,so was I. I was inspired from some other Maharaj that time,so i decided that if anyone had asked me for taking shelter from guru maharaj i would deny it, and the devotees asked me also as they announced that who wants to take shelter please go to the following room.But as i decided, i denied to take shelter. I was happy that time that now no one will tell me anything regarding shelter. But when it was the time for Avataridesh to go in front to take darshan of Gm, we went, and one mataji introduced me and my sister to GM and told him that we do 16 rounds,that time GM just looked straight in my eyes and asked me ,"ARE YOU ASPIRING",I said "NO", then he asked me "DO YOU WANT TO ASPIRE FROM ME", i just looked for a moment at him astonished, that how he can read the mind! i was very skeptical about taking shelter from him and he was there himself asking me  whether i shoud aspire from him! For some reason i couldnt deny as i did to other devotees and i nodded and said "YES" then with his index finger he pointed towards the room where i have to go and take shelter from him,.... It was a turning point as what i least expected happened! and today i feel so blissfull being under the shelter of GM, he knows it right who has to become his disciple and he can just read ur mind else he woudnt have asked me those questions at that particular moment. People say i want to take shelter from GM, But i can happily say that GM himself has sheltered me! HHJPSM ki Jai!!

Comment by Malini Priti devi dasi on April 1, 2011 at 9:11am
Here is more on our recent JSSS 3rd meeting organised by IMYC at SJMKL, Malaysia, 24 March 2011:

HG Sri Gauranga prabhu:
Excellent memory power:
HG Sri Gauranga prabhu met Srila Guru Maharaj on his last visit to Mayapur. Srila Guru Maharaj spoke some matters to him (Guru Maharaj remembered alot of things). HG Sri Gauranga prabhu said to Guru Maharaj that HH has very good memory. Srila Guru Maharaj immediately said it is because of Srila Prabhupada’s blessings!

HG Ashraya Govinda prabhu:
It is Guru Maharaj and not Maharaj!!
A boy came to meet Srila Guru Maharaj. So he said to HG Asharya Govinda prabhu that he wanted to meet MAHARAJ. HG Ashraya Govinda prabhu inquired on his whereabouts and this boy mentioned that Srila Guru Maharaj was his Diksha Guru. HG Ashraya Govinda prabhu told him, shouldn’t you be calling him Guru Maharaj. Since Guru Maharaj was about to take rest, he told the boy to see him the next day. The following day, this boy went knocking straight on Guru Maharaj’s room door, and when Srila Guru Maharaj came out he said that “I want to speak to you, Maharaj”. Then Guru Maharaj raised his voice, “Ashraya Govinda, Ashraya Govinda!!!”HG Ashraya Govinda prabhu was afraid of what was going to happen. Srila Guru Maharaj said; “This boy said that I am his Guru, he should be calling me Guru Maharaj!!”

Stay tuned for more pastimes...!
Comment by Malini Priti devi dasi on March 22, 2011 at 10:31am
Hare Krishna. PAMHO. These are some of the pastimes that were shared by our god brothers and god sisters during our recent JSSS Meeting organised by IMYC at SJMKL, Malaysia on 6 March 2011:

HG Simheswara Prabhu
International Police:
In 1989 when the man had attacked Guru Maharaj, HG Vrindavan Chandra and Simheswara prabhus went to Spain to see Srila Guru Maharaj. They arrived at Central Hospital, Spain. HG Simheswara prabhu told HG Vrindavan Chandra prabhu, not to say anything and quickly walk to bypass the security.
However adjacent to Guru Maharaj’s room, the policeman had stopped them and didn’t let them to go in, as it was a police case. The policeman went in and had told Srila Guru Maharaj the names of HG Vrindavan Chandra & Simheswara prabhus had wanted to visit him (both prabhus were waiting outside the room). Since Guru Maharaj couldn’t speak at that moment due to the injury, HH wrote a note to the policeman. The policeman came out, actually saluted at the both of them and welcomed them into the room. They were surprised! Then, HG Simheswara prabhu had asked Guru Maharaj how come this policeman first refused, later told us to get in plus he saluted. Since HG Vrindavan Chandra prabhu was in the police force, Guru Maharaj wrote that the International Police from Malaysia had come to do an Investigation! So the policeman gladly had sent them in. Srila Guru Maharaj Ki! Jai!

Determination to preach, nothing but preaching:
When Srila Guru Maharaj wanted to leave Spain to London, the British Officer didn’t allow for Guru Maharaj to board the flight due to his physical condition. Guru Maharaj wanted to prove that he was healthy. HH immediately did push-ups and some exercise to show her that HH was physical fit. So she had considered, they had contacted the officer in London and spoke ticket terms to seek approval and she had got back to Guru Maharaj. She saluted and said “Ok Mr. Swami you can go”!

HG Rasa Parayana Prabhu:
HG Rasa Parayana shared with us on what happened in Langkawi Convention, Malaysia. It was one day of the convention, during the time of eclipse. The prabhus had played football adjacent to the beach. As they were playing, suddenly a boy came running telling them that two guys were drowning.
So the football team rushed to the beach. Since it was eclipse, the waves were very strong. They tried to figure out how to rescue the boys. They formed a long line wanting to pull the boys out from the sea. However, Srila Guru Maharaj swam, he held one guy with his right hand and the other with his left hand, he started padding forward (some sort of back float but paddling towards the shore). HG Rasa Parayana prabhu expressed that the current was really so strong.
Guru Maharaj saved the boys; he brought them to the shore. Guru Maharaj said a prayer to himself. HH told the rest of them to come out from the ocean.

HG Amrta Sakhi Mataji
Excellent memory power:
Guru Maharaj went for Nadi Treatment. Guru Maharaj normally listens Srila Prabhupada’s lectures during treatment. This time HH was interrupted so many times. However that night Guru Maharaj whilst delivering his spiritual discourse he remembered everything that Srila Prabhupada has said and mentioned it at his class.

Stay tuned, more coming up soon!
Comment by ANANDA KRSNA DASI on February 16, 2011 at 10:19pm
Thank you so much Jps team for the information regarding Guru Maharaj book distribuition is very inspired to see Guru Maharaj potency , we can actually realize that we are not this buddy.
Comment by Tarini Radha on November 2, 2010 at 7:56pm
It is so nice to see Amogha prabhu's messages on this site. especially his guidance on not to criticise the spiritual master. I am very grateful and happy to have his guidance on our website. Thank you prabhu. Hope you will always guide us to serve guru maharaja nicely.
Comment by Amrta sakhi devi dasi on October 15, 2010 at 8:37am
Follow His example...

This again told by H G Amogha prabhu.
He said " we can never hear H H Jayapataka swami commenting or criticizing anybody. He never talks bad about others: disciples or non disciples or godbrothers, u can never hear Him talking bad about anybody. This is what His disciples should follow.
Comment by Amrta sakhi devi dasi on October 15, 2010 at 8:22am
Gurumaharaj can read our mind!!!!
The following pastime of Gurumaharaj is shared by H G Amogha prabhu, Srila Prabhupad's disciple.
Once Amogha prabhu was in Mayapur and it was his daughter's wedding. Amogha prabhu had invited Gurumaharaj for the ceremony. Amogha prabhu wanted to find out about Gurumaharaj's diet so that on the day of wedding they could arrange a nice feast for Gurumaharaj. So few days before the wediing Amogha prabhu went to meet Gurumaharaj in His room at the Lotus roof. while climbing up the stairs he was meditating on what all to ask Gurumaharaj. After climbing all the stairs finally he reached Gurumaharaj's room. Gurumaharaj was working on His laptop. Amogha prabhu entered the room, paid obeisances. It did not seem to him that Gurumaharaj noticed his presence there. But to his surprise, as soon as he got after paying obeisances, Gurumaharaj looked at Amogha prabhu, lowered His reading glasses, and told him "I am a vegetarian" Amogha prabhu became speechless thinking that how could Gurumaharaj read his mind !!!! he was all the way meditating on what to ask about Gurumaharaj's diet and here is Gurumaharaj saying that "i am a vegetarian"
All glories to our dear Gurumaharaj :)
Comment by siddheshwar gaurdas on October 14, 2010 at 2:14pm
hare krishna .recently one our bv family daughter - name chaitali, visited mayapur and had darshan of radha-madhav, panchtatva, narsinghbhagavan.. and guru maharaj. she is film producer and just 25 around years old.
due to her early appointment she left mayapur with her father by flight. culcatta to mumbai. they reached and her father came to surat by train... but on time his father could not reached home and was not responding phone etc. she was very much worried and thinking so many things... finaly she took rest and sleep. in in her dream guru maharaj appeared and told her " do not worry- everything is ok"... and after some time she got connected to her father he just sleep in train and reaach to bharuch (far from surat station) he was tired and could not get-up in time.

he olso a disciple of guru maharaj... i was thinking... how gm is not sleeping for his disciples or well wishers,and also remembering h.g. ratnavali mataji's words many years back... gm maharaj have differant communication systeam too.! siddheshwar gaurdas. srila gurudev ki jay.!hare krishna.



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