Here is a colletion of stories along with their Krsna conscious messages as narrated by Srila Jayapataka Swami Gurumaharaj


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Comment by JPS Disciples Team on December 5, 2010 at 5:13am
Here in the west we see that there are so many machines and these machines have contributed towards development. Simply with machines it is not possible to be happy. We cannot eat nuts and bolts. In this regard, Srila Prabhupada, our founder acharya, used to criticize the Western disciples, " You Westerners, you are simply attached to your machines. You cannot go to sleep without smelling a machine at night - only if you have a telephone or something can you get to sleep, otherwise not." And narrated the story about a fisherman in India. In previous times the grihasthas were habituated to asking if anyone was hungry. And so one grahastha went outside and called out to see if anyone was hungry. He saw a fisherman and he said, " Have you taken your meal?" And the fisherman said, "No". So he took him inside.

Then he said, Please leave the basket outside, it is to smelly." After he fed him he asked the fisherman, " Do you have some place to sleep tonight?" He said "No".

He allowed him to sleep there. About one or two o'clock in the night the grihastha had to get up to answer natures call and when he looked to see how the guest was doing, he found him tossing and turning. He asked, " How are you sleeping?" The fisherman replied, " My sleep is very disturbed. I cannot get to sleep!" " Why is this? what is the difficulty?" And the fisherman said, " The difficulty is that I cannot sleep without my basket, that fishy smell, I cannot get to sleep." So then he said, "Alright, bring in your basket, and you can go to sleep." Then the fisherman slept soundly.

In the same way, everyone has to have a machine, in the west. To brush your teeth, you need a machine. So people have become addicted. Machines are okay - nothing is wrong with machines, expect that we must not think that machines will give us the actual happiness that we are seeking. If we use machines in Krishna's service, or in our business and give something to Krishna's service, that will give us actual spiritual bliss.
Comment by JPS Disciples Team on October 13, 2010 at 3:15am
You cannot cheat a blacksmith

Once there was a businessman. He was a real selfish one, The kind of a person who would make a profit off his mother, to make some money. Everything had to have some kind of profit. He was a very motivated person. Once he clinched some kind of deal where he got a large quantity of coconuts and he had to figure out how to crack the coconuts. He needed a good chopper. But his chopper was already old and would not do the job well. So he went to the blacksmith and he asked the blacksmith if he could fix his old knife. The blacksmith said, " This knife is finished". The businessman said, "I am a big businessman. I also do steel business and I can give you a good piece of top tempered steel: I will give you a big piece and you can make me a chopper, and with the balance you can make knives and sell it to others. This is a deal. " The blacksmith agreed.

The next day, the businessman sent his son with a piece of ordinary mildsteel. The Blacksmith, saw the ordinary piece of steel and thought, "what kind of chopper can I make with this?" Anyway, he made a chopper with it, but it would not keep the temper. He sent it to the businessman. The businessman tried to break open a few coconuts, but he found the chopper useless and he came back saying, "What kind of chopper did you give me, What kind of blacksmith are you, Giving me such a bad knife?" The blacksmith said "I gave you the kind of chopper that I give people who try to cheat a blacksmith by giving mildsteel, calling it high tempered carving steel". The man was shocked. You cannot cheat a blacksmith by giving him an ordinary kind of iron and saying it is good steel. It is his business, he knows what steel is, He is hammering it everyday. Similarly you cannot fool a devotee who is actively practicing devotional service, who is relishing Krishna Consciousness. If somebody comes up and tries to put on a false show of bhakti, the devotees can see right through it. Srila Bhakti Sidddantha Thakura has explained this. Many times people put on a show and they may convince other non-devotees or very neophytes, but if somebody has tasted a little of Krishna consciousness, they can see right through it.
Comment by JPS Disciples Team on October 13, 2010 at 2:30am
Double work - double charge.

In New York city there is a music school. They teach drumming, playing flute and other things. Once a student wanted to learn to play the drum. When he applied for admission to the school, there he was asked, " Have you ever taken drumming lessons before?" He had taken them and so he said, "yes".

"Then the charges for you will be double. Without any previous lessons it is fifty dollars. But you have taken drumming lessons before, so you have to pay 100 dollars". "What? I should get a reduction". "No, whatever you have learnt is undoubtedly wrong. First, we have to make you forget everything you know and then again teach you. It is double work. So double charge. If you didn't know anything, we could teach you for half price". So Srila Prabhupada said like this someone who has learnt from a non bonafide spiritual master, has to unlearn everything and then learn properly. It is a double job. Although in the western countries people are materially attached to all kinds of bad habits, spiritually they do not know anything. So there is nothing to unlearn. They simply have to, somehow or another, be restricted from sinful activities and given spiritual engagement. But people in India, Already know many things. Some are correct but others are absolutely concocted. So these things have to be first unlearnt. That is the difficulty.
Comment by JPS Disciples Team on September 22, 2010 at 11:44pm

Sometimes due to attachment, the aspiring disciple does not want to give up the things of the material world, even at the cost of one's own disturbance and anxiety. There is an example given by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswathi Thakura about a boy who had taken to chewing tobacco. Even though he was just a boy of about 12 years old, Somehow he got into the habit of chewing tobacco. For several years he was doing this and it caused sores in his mouth. Then he went to the doctor. The doctor said, "Your sore is very serious and if you dont stop taking tobacco you can getcancer of thee mouth. "He also advised him to take milk. The boy started to take milk but he could not give up tobacco. So the sore was not cured fully. Some of his friends said, "The doctor has warned you that you would get cancer. Why don't you give up tobacco?" he replied " Doctor told me to take milk and i am doing so. when i am taking milk, I can also go on with tobacco. I dont mind taking milk but i also want to go on taking tobacco." In this way some people like to pratice some amount of spiritual life and at the same time they want to go on with their bad habits. Thus their material disease does not get cured. It continues to be nurtured and does not give one the happiness and peace that one could get if he could fully take shelter of Krishna.
Comment by JPS Disciples Team on September 21, 2010 at 4:11am

Once there were two friends living in Navadvipa. One of the friends was a devotee. the other one pretended to be. He was more of a procastinator, someone who gave excuses and actually does not render any devotional service. One day the sincere devotee requested his friend, "Lets go across the river Ganges to MAyapur, and there we can meet Srila AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the great world preacher." But the other one said, "Well, yes yes. sure, why not? Let's go sometime, but not now, a little later. I am too busy to go now." So the devotee could not get his friend to go. The friend did not relize that it was just a short ride to meet Srila Prabhupada, a pure devotee.
A couple of days later, there was a merry making fair on the otherside of the Ganges. The devotee told his friend, "Hey Let's go down to see the fair. They are selling hot pakoras, samosas,pappads,puris, Quality Ice creams and so many other things. the friend readily agreed. So they went to the fair and the friend enjoyed some of the foodstuffs, saw the little exhibits, and other things going on. The devotee said, "Look, we're right here on the ganges side. the boat is just here. Let's hop on, go across the river and see Srila Prabhupada." "Oh, I'd love to go," Said the friend, "But the river is too high now. It is still swollen from the rainy season, and if i get on the river in a boat, I get a little nauseous. So I should not go now. Well, I will tell you what. Lets wait till the end of the winter, when all the water dries up and the river becomes shallow. at that time we will find a shallow place and walk across."
"You are really Bogus!" said the devotee. "When will the river ever dry up? It never dries up enough that you can just walk across. In other words, you don't want to go and you are saying that we will go when the river is dry. If you are serious about your spiritual life and you know that there is a pure devotee there ,you will take a little risk, just hop on the boat and go. You go across on the boat so many times, so now you go to MAyapur. What's the problem? If you wait for the river to dry up, that will never happen."
Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswathi Thakur (and other Acharya's) narrated similar stories to illustrate that there are always some people who despite so many opportunities to practice Krishna consciousness or to take advantage of the association of a pure or advanced devotee, always come up with some excuse to avoid it. There are some people who can easily find time for sense gratification, but not for Krishna consciousness. Actually we have very little time left in this human form of life, and we need to use that time we have, in the best possible way, that is for serving Krishna.(Excertps from a lecture by Srila Jayapataka Swami delivered on Oct 8th 1991 at ISKCON Atlanta.

Comment by JPS Disciples Team on September 21, 2010 at 4:07am
There once was a rich landlord in India, who very much liked to take a glass of hot milk and two bananas everynight. He liked it so much that he thought it would be a good idea to have a cow so that he could regularly get pure milk. So he purchased a cow. To take care of the cow, he had a milkman, and he also had a servant who would get him the milk everynight. Somehow, although he had all these arrangements, he still felt that the milk was not pure. He always doughted that the milkman was mixing water in the milk. sometimes he would complain to his servant that the milk was a little thin.One day the servant came in with the milk and the landlord said "This milk is horrible! I want to see the milkman immediately. Why is this milk so watered down?" The servant was getting tired of the Landlord's complaints, so he went and warned the milkman, "It seems you are giving him watered down milk. Watch out, he is soon going to give you alot of harsh words."
Actually the milk was pure. Depending on what you feed the cow, the milk becomes creamier. If the cow had eaten a lot of grass or too much grains, the consistency of the milk changes. The milk man went to his house, took a glass of the cows milk. To another glass he added some chemical lime with water (this lime is also sometimes used in paan or betal leaf) He made a lime mix which was pure white. He came to the landlord with the two glasses and told the landlord, "Here is the milk I brought for you, which is your cows milk. And this is the milk from my house. Which one do you want?" The landlord looked at the milk and thought, "Oh! this is a little bit thin and not so white." But when he saw the lime mix, which was very thick and pure white, he thought, "Oh let me try this." He drank up the lime mix and immediately died!
The police came and arrested the milkman and the servant. "You are being arrested for murder," said the police. You fed him poison." "Why? begged the srvant, "we didn't kill him, we just told him that this was his cow's milk, and the other was from the milkman's house. He drank it on his own. We are not responsible."However they were arrested.
The landlord who was regularly getting his milk is like someone who performs the yoga process everyday. But somehow he was always doubting that there was something more. He could not fix his mind on what was prescribed. Krishna said to Arjuna that all liberated souls acted with an understanding of the transcendental nature. Arjuna should also act, following in their footsteps, and serve Him. Sometimes people wonder whether there is anything more than serving God. They wonder, just like the landlord wondered, wether there could be better milk.What can be the better process of reaching God than the process that He has provided us with. They looked for something more complicated. They want "something more". Then, just like the milkman who brought the lime mix which looked better then the milk, someone provides the process which is not able to bring one to full realization of the parambrahman, but looks good. It may have a better appearance, it may have some very attractive aspects, but actually it is misleading, because it is not able to bring one to the required destination, the perfection of yoga. When one takes to that process, one hampers his own spiritual development, and commits spiritual suicide. But if one enquires from the exponents of such processes, why they have given such a process, when they know that people cannot practice it in this day and age, they say it's not my fault, I didn't offer, they chose it. It is their own decision." They try to wash their hands off all the responsibility. But according to the laws of Karma, since they had given a misleading process,they will have to pay the price in the future. Yamadutas, messengers of Yamaraj, will take care of them. Therefore Krishna advised Arjuna to follow the path the liberated souls have taken in the past./body>
Comment by JPS Disciples Team on September 21, 2010 at 4:00am

There is a saying by Srila Bhaktisiddantha Saraswathi Thakura that theives hide in dark places. If a thief wants to steal, he will hide in dark shadows or in the bushes or somewhere in the darkness. This is the nature of theives. they like dark places. If we want to know Krishna then we have to be very sincere. We have to illuminate our heart with the knowleadge of Krishna then it is very easy to see Him.

There is a story about a thief, who was stealing from different villagers. On analysis one of the elderly villagers found that one person was always present during the thefts. So he asked the chowkidar (the night watchman) of the village to watch the house of this person at night from a hidden place.The Chowkidar hid and watched at night, and he saw the thief take a ladder from his house and go over to someone else's house. He put the ladder against the wall and climbed over and proceeded to rob the house. The people in the house cried out, "Thief! Thief! We are being robbed!" The Chowkidar saw the thief run out from the house and go into the forest with the boxes of valuables. Then he saw the thief, go back to the house that he had burgled and joined the people who were shouting ,"Thief! Thief!" The thief also shouted, "Thief! Thief! where is the thief? We must catch the thief!"

Soon the villagers gathered. They found that the chowkidar was there. At first they thought the chowkidar was the thief, because he was hiding in a dark place. But the elderly villager came and said "No! No! He is not the thief." He asked the chowkidar, "Tell me what happened?" The chowkidar explained all that had happened. The elderly villager said, "We will all go into the forest and look for the valuables which must be there." But the thief said, "No No! Don't go into the forest. there are mosquitoes there, they may bite you.There may be snakes, tigerss, wild dogs You shouldn't go there now. Its dangerous! Wait till morning, then we will all go. It will be safe." The villagers said "No, No, we want to go now!"So they went where the chowkidar said he had seen the man go with the solen goods, and they found all the stolen jewels,gold and valuables there. Then the elders said,"Look, this man is the actual thief. He steals from everyone and then he calls out,"Thief, Thief!" Actually he is the thief." Immediately he tried to run away and the people chased him. They all ran after him"Thief Thief!" The thief ran in front and pointing in front of him, he Shouted, "Thief!" since the real thief was also pointing ahead and calling THief Thief! the ordinary people who were watching, wondered who the thief was.

In this way people want to keep their heart covered and not know KRSNA. Of course then it is different. We have to be very careful. There are people, who in the name of religion, call everybody elae a thief, when they themselves are not sincere.



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