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First Initiation Pack

Following are the attached forms that have to be filled up: 1ST_V11_personal_Q-Asize.doc 02_JPS_HN_Cov Review on 1STCHCK3.doc ESSAY_FOR_FIRST_INITIATION.doc ha philosophical.doc Initiation… View »

Aspiring Pack

to be added View »


Please click here for listening to latest lectures Archives DVD Collection Title No. of CDs/DVDs World Preacher volumes 1 to 48 Mayapur Mercy volumes 1 to 24 Holy India volumes 1 to 16 The… View »

Books 5 Comments

Vaisnava Ke? : Vaisnava Ke? is a priceless devotional jewel as it is specifically for devotees who currently have or have been practicing Bhakti- yoga.It explains not only the advantages of practicin… View »

Showers of Nectar

Hare Krsna, You are welcome to add those snippets from Gurumaharaj's lectures that has inspired you and can inspire other devotees View »

Excerpts 14 Comments

There are many examples in the scripture which tells us how we should render devotional service but there are no sufficient words to describe the relationship which evolves between the spiritual mast… View »

Rare Fortunate Souls 3 Comments

Hare Krsna This page is for the glorification of our Godbrothers and Godsisters who have been successful in their life's journey- to remember the Lotus Feet of Gurumaharaj and Krsna and go in the pro… View »

Yugadharma of the Age , Sunday Feast Lecture 12th April, 2009, Coimbatore

Hare Krsna! …..I was attacked by a stroke on the 28th of Oct 2008 and soon I was about to die but somehow by your prayers and mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Krsna, I am still here t… View »

Narasimha caturdasi lecture 26 May 2010, LA

Today here in LA is the auspicious appearance day of Lord Narasimhadev. This is the Narasimha Caturdasi. Somehow here it’s on 26th and in Mayapur it is on the 27th. So you can see the ceremonies on t… View »




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