Dear God-brothers / God-sisters,
Hare Krishna! Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila
Prabhupada. All glories to Srila Gurudev.
Following a short update below on Srila Gurudev`s health and activities in
the past few weeks, there are two requests addressed to your goodself.
Guru Maharaj has been very active in Mayapur. As you may already know that
the ILS (International Leadership Sanga) of ISKCON was held for the first
time in Mayapur Dhama between the 10th - 17th Feb 2012. Gurudev actively
participated in the ILS sessions. Many leaders across the globe participated
in the ILS. The ILS meetings and seminars inspired all the participants.
GBC meetings continued right after the ILS (International Leadership
Sanga). Despite stress and lack of rest Gurumaharaj enthusiastically
participated in the lengthy discussions and meetings.
Gurumahraj's leg infection appeared again due to stress and lack of rest,
with the intensive meeting schedules and preaching engagements. By the mercy
of Sri Sri Radha Madhava, Guru Maharaj's care team were able to treat the
same with out any antibiotics.
Though He was getting tired after these hectic schedules, he was always
happy to meet and help devotees and was specially concerned about devotee
care. Devotees mentioned that Gurudev`s speech is much clearer now. Some
remarked that His Holiness is very much dedicated to Srila Prabhuapada and
his mission. He gets up early hours and takes therapies and proceeds to
GBC meetings. Gurumaharaja's health is in good condition now.
Gaura Purnima Festival Adhivas went on well and the Kirtan Mela is on
and all are in spiritual ecstasy to participate in the Navadvipa mandala
We wish you all a very Happy Gaura Purnima and a Krishna Conscious Gaurabda!
After the Gaura Purnima festival, Gurudev would be joining the South Indian
Safari at a few important holy places.
This year, the Most Blessed Event, the "Sri Vyasa Puja Mahotsav" of our
dear Guru Maharaja falls on the 3rd April 2012.
1 April 2012 Sunday - Rama Navami
3 April 2012 Tuesday - Kamada Ekadasi
4 April 2012 Wednesday - Dvadasi
This email is to request you to please send your Vyasa Puja Homage for 2012.
Kindly follow these guidelines:
- Send your Homage to <> only.
- Please do not send your Homage to Guru Maharaja, or
his secretaries e-mail IDs or to any of the other conferences.
- In the subject line please mention the Name of the person / s the
homage is from, your Yatra, City & Country.
For ex: Gaura Das, Mayapur, India.
- Please mention (Siksha Disciple) or (Diksha disciple) or
(Aspiring) or (Shelter) or (Well-wisher) as the case
maybe at the end of the homage.
- Please send only one homage per mail.
- Please "do not" send your homage as an " email attachment".
- Please don`t type your homage in *ALL CAPS*.
We humbly request everyone to offer the results of Ekadasi and other vratas
to Srila Gurudev. And please continue praying more intensely - for and on
behalf of Guru Maharaja, so that he will be able to walk, talk and preach
as he used to.
If you are a local JSSS Co-ordinator, Area co-ordinator - kindly forward
this message to everyone under your care or make an announcement of the
same in the proper forum.
Homages received would be offered to Guru Maharaja and the same posted on
the website ( for everyone's pleasure. They would be
available for viewing on the website, from the Vyasa Puja day onwards.
The deadline for sending the homage is "15th March 2012".
Please send a separate mail to <>, if you have
any questions or suggestions and please don`t comment on this text.
The JPS Office requests all of you to register your details so you could
receive Gurumaharaj's mails on your mail box.
Please send:
Your name
Initiated name
E-mail ID

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