Dear devotees,

Today at 9.30 am I lifted a Victory Flag on the occasion of Narasimhadeva Caturdashi. I sponsored a flag for the Narasimhadeva Temple Dome. His Grace Sri Ambarish Prabhu has pledged to match (double) any donation given during the period of Akshay Tritiya to Narasimhadeva Caturdashi. So today is the last day to get his matched donation to your donation. And I'm giving extra incentive that if anyone donates today for the TOVP I will give them a small bottle of oil offered to Lord Narasimhadeva, during his day before appreance day's oil abhishek. Also Ambarish Prabhu has pledged that if there is any donation from my disciples and my zones, 50% he will give to the TOVPE( Temple Of Vedic Planetarium Exhibition).

Your well wisher always
Jayapataka Swami

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