I would like to inform you that Sri Lanka has been recently attacked by some terrorist group(s). Which you might be already aware of. Since Sri Lanka is economically based largely on tourism, this attack has almost stop the influx of tourist. Therefore the business community is also hesitant to donate under the present circumstances in Sri Lanka. In Colambo, the capital city, we are constructing a new temple under the able guidance of Srila Prabhupada disciple Sri Mahakarta Das Adhikari. He has made tremendous progress up to now but with this present economy slow down he is now hard-pressed to finish the construction of ISKCON new temple. Therefore I just want to mention to you all if anyone is inspired to help him complete their temple construction then you can send the donation to bank account which has been given below. Some of the photos of temple construction are also given below. Thank you for your kind consideration. Happy Narasimhadeva Caturdashi.

Your well wisher always
Jayapataka Swami

JPS /acdb

Here is the Bank details:

Bank Name : Commercial Bank

Branch : Kotahena

Account Name : ISKCON Temple Fund.

Account Number : 1120017042

Swift Code : CCEYLKLX

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