Prayers for GM during the Purushottam month(15th April to 15th May)

Guru Maharaja is improving well day by day. Our combined prayers
during Vyasa Puja must also be the cause for his good progress.
While his limb movements and walking is improving, his internal organ
liver is showing some regression. Also with his blood platelets count.
So we need to pray for all of these.

Please request all the devotees once again to chant extra rounds every
day during this auspicious month, as the results are a thousand fold
this month. Also whenever we have some group programs like Bhakti
Vriksha, friday/ sunday programs etc, we could chant one round of japa
together dedicated to Guru Maharaja's quick recovery.

Let us all join together and help Guru Maharaja to get well soon and
be back in active preaching.

Thank you so much.
Your servants,
Vijay Venugopal das
Prema Padmini dd



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