Guru Maharaj's Mayapur Parikrama Report Day 5

Thursday 1st March 2012

Guru Maharaja left from Mayapur to Simhanti temple at 8.30 am to meet the Russian devotees.

As Guru Maharaja came in, a drama by Russian devotees was on which showed how Simhantadvip came to be. When Lord Siva was chanting, he was in extreme ecstacy dancing non stop. Chanting Gauranga! Gauranga! He is known as Nataraj. He dances with extreme exertion that the whole world is destroyed and is called Maha pralaya. Lord Siva was dancing like that, Parvati came back to Kailash and wanted to stop her husband because such dance of Lord Siva was causing floods, earthquakes and tusnamis in different palentary systems. So finally Paravati Devi managed to stop Lord Siva.

Upon being told by Lord Siva the reason for his dancing and the glories of Navadwipmandal,Parvati Devi also came here and began chanting. Hence Simanti Devi came to be here.

After this GM prayed for the Bhagvad gita court case.

GM then reached Pratapnagar at 11.30 am to meet international group and spoke on the glories of Mahatpur, Shankarpur. After his lecture GM
introduced the Navadwip Mandal Development Trust. This trust is created to protect and develop the past time place in Navadwip. Jagajivan Prabhu introduced the trust and said the Russian devotees have donated Rs 217,000 so the International should be more. Several devotees came ahead and in all we had close to Rs 1,000,000.

From here, GM left for Vidya Nagar to meet the Bengali devotees and spoke at length the past timese of Lord Chaitanya in Navadwip and lead a kirtan of Gauranga chants.
Then we moved to Hari Hara Kshetra where the Hindi group was stationed. GM here spoke how the Deity of Hari Hara (Half Vishnu and Half Siva) became manifested after the Mohini avatar past time. The glories of this place are millions of time better than that of Kasi (Varanasi) and Kailash combined. If one leaves his body at this place Lord Siva comes personally and chants the name of Gauranga in the dying person’s ear at the time of death and thus transports them to the spiritual world.

The Hindi group devotees also contributed generously for the Navadwip
mandal development, then GM went to have the darshan of Lord Hari Hara. After the darshan we headed back to Mayapur and reached here at 7 Pm.

End of JPS Navadwip Mandal Parikrama diary for day five.
The servants in the care of Guru Maharajah

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