Guru Maharaj's Mayapur Parikrama Day 6

Friday 2nd March 2012

Guru Maharaja left from the temple at 8.45 am and headed to Chand Kazi
samadhi to meet the international devotees. But on our way, GM suddenly
stopped the car. He saw Chudamani mataji who was riding on one of those
flat bed ricksaw. Gm asked her where was she going and came to know she too
was on way to Chand Kazi samadhi.

GM was in the rear seat and legs spread on to the front seat. But then GM
had the servants fold his leg so that Chudamani Mataji could sit in the
front seat and ride in the car instead of travelling on a flat bed ricksaw.
Such is concern.

As we reached the Samadhi, we found out we were early and waited for
sometime for the International group to arrive. Several senior devotees as
H.H Gopal Krishna Maharaj, H.H B.V.V Narasimha Maharaj were leading the
group. H.H Gopal Krishna Maharaj spoke first and then GM spoke on the Chand
Kazi pastime and narrated a past time where Srila Prabhupada said that if
we are facing opposition that means the Lord Chaitanya's Sankirtan movement
is progressing. If you don't preach you wont find any opposition.

From there we headed to Panca Ananta Tala to meet the Russian group, who
were honoring prasadam. GM said the Russian group is very lucky to start
and end their Parikrama at Godruma Dvipa. This island signifies kirtan so
we start with kirtan and end with kirtan.

From here we headed to Belpukur, where Nilambara Chakravati, father of
Srimati Saci Devi worshiped Madan Gopal. The Deity is 1900 year old and
still residing there. GM spoke to the group who were introduced
(Bangladesh,Orrisa,etc). GM informed them of the Hungary case and and
prayed for Russian Bhagavad Gita case.

GM also informed that today is the apperance day of H.H Bhakti Tirtha
Swami. He exemplified how to be a servant leader. GM said one of the
senators of the USA Congress read Bhakti Tirtha Maharaj's book and was very
impressed and realized that a leader is actually a servant. GM said as he
was unable to attend his ceremony in temple he would speak in all the
parties about him.

After this the devotees were informed about the funds collected for the
Navadwip Mandal development and then GM went to take the darshan of Madan

We were returned to temple at 7 PM

End of JPS Navadwip Mandal Parikrama diary for day six.

Yudisthir Govinda Das

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