Adhivas Ceremony at Srila Prabhupada Park - Mayapur Today! Join us LIVE

Guru Maharaj arrived late last night in Mayapur following the Nrsimha safari 2012. There was a grande reception and procession. followed by a padapuja in the lotus park performed by HH Bhaktipurusottama Swami and the disciples. Today will be Adhivas ceremony as schedule below. Please join us live on and make this one of the most memorable Vyasa Puja till date.
2nd April - Adhivas Ceremony at Srila Prabhupada Park
5.00pm : Lectures on "Guru Tattva"
6.00pm : Kirtan
7.00pm : Adhivasa Ceremony
You can see the latest photos of Guru Maharaj's grande reception in Mayapur posted by Shyama Rasika Prabhu in service to you on the HOME page of
Guru Maharaj Vyasa Puja Mohatsav ki Jai!

Yours in the service of HH Jayapataka Swami
JPS Disciples Team

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