How to make the Damodar month a success?

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Thank you Prabhuji for this great idea.

Moment I looked at your picture, I felt so happy, coz you look so happy and surrendered :)

This question is bothering me for last so many days rather weeks, I sincerely feel the success factors are:
Inspiration - How inspiring we are when we introduce it to the aspiring new devotee
Goal - To always keep it at the back of our minds (though at the ground level I tend to forget it and just think how to increase our sangha) that we are our trying to introduce Krishna to new devotees for them to have opportunity to know the real purpose of our existence and help them taste real happiness and satisfaction
Patience - Easy said than done, at least for me. If somehow devotees are unable to register it straightaway then they should be considered for next year, at least this way people come to know about local programs and we get an opportunity to associate and socalise more about Krishna.
Team work - very important to delegate responsibilities per team member's temperament and liking to make it more efficient, for example couple of devote families from Hornsby likes to distribute fliers at homes as this way they are also able to have a walk.
Frequent Home Program - Arrange weekly if not daily Damodar program at our own places to inspire and invite people who in the begining are not comfortable to let anyone in and do not have much program details.
Though we desperately want to do this but due to family situation, dont think I will be able to do more than twice during this damodar program.

I humbly request you to please let us know how we all together can achieve more to please Guru Maharaj.





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