Please share quotes about Guru Maharaj and Congregational Development to inspire and encourage others to start or continue with what is very dear to our Spiritual Master- Congregational Preaching.

Here's a little part of HH Kavicandra Swami's glorification of our Guru Maharaj :

"His inconceivable determination to preach is perhaps the most astounding
feature of his personality. And his preaching is very personal,
including caring for individuals at any cost to his own comfort. I have
been especially awestruck recently by his visiting all four Navadvipa
Parikrama parties every day. He is living proof that there is no
material obstacle that cannot be overcome when one sincerely wants to render
devotional service to Srila Prabhupada. His example is inspiring so many.

Another awesome point is the development of the congregational preaching.
This is especially evident in the middle east, here his dynamic mood is
manifested in so many devotees there."

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