Please share any ideas on how you think we can improve or develop the Ministry!

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Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


Its very nice to be the member of the congregation development ministry , which is very much liked by our Guru Maharaj. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to serve the Guru Maharaj.

Congragation development means what comes to my mind is that your first interaction with altogether new person who doesn't know very much about ISKCON.

Normally , preaching to those who have already tested the nectar in the service / contact of ISKCON is very easy , or to say it is not required to preach them , they are self motivated but for those who are coming in contact first time , we should have some specific plan/scheme as to how to handle them.

Further , purity is essence , we must be pure to preach others effectively, that is all correct and accepted. There is no doubt about it. but still if i try to preach ( of course, i am not pure ) , the result is a big zero. so how to go about it.

Can we have some broad gudelines/ plan as to how to try to bring / influence the people in the first visit/talk for Bhaktivriksha and other satsanga programme ? This will help a lot.

I think , it is here where we are failing in India to bring more devotees to ISKCON fold whereas the number of devotees in Russia are increasing exponentially. We can take some reference from them. 

Hope i have not offended you in any way. Please forgive me, if so.

Hari Bol.

Hare Krsna.






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