What is GuruMaharaj's view on ISKCON Varnasrama development?

Hare krishna prabhujis/matajis

Please accept my humble obeisances

All glories to srila prabhupada and guru maharaj...


I have not got a chance to ask Guru Maharaj this question directly as his schedule is hectic and did not feel like disturbing him when he is tired or resting when he was in Bangalore.


It is an impossible task to manage job, family, sadhana, bhakti vriksha and temple services especially when home,office and temple are located far in the city. Hence I plan to move in the future to a ISKCON farm community so that home,office and temple are in the same place and I dont need to travel.


Hence I want to depend on all the senior god-brothers/sisters to help me understand what gurumaharaj's opinion will be if his disciple wants to go into the direction of simple living, cow protection,more time for devotional service etc and maybe try setting up a nama-hatta centre than live a struggling city life and manage bhakti vriksha centre etc.


Any directions on this is highly appreciated as I am desperately waiting for an answer. Thank you in advance.


Your humble servant

Asoka gaura dasa.



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Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Gurudev. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

As far as what i have heard from the lectures of Guru Maharaj and what i could gather from his mood, it is always a priority for Guru that disciple is happily situated in his/her Krishna Consciousness. As he generally says, Be happy and make others happy in Krishna Consciousness. He wants that all disciples stay within ISKCON and within that periphery of bonafide association of devotees, they can find for themselves a stable position in Krishna Consciousness. If by being in a city life you are frustruated and not able to balance all the activities, thereby resulting in disappointment and more frustruation, then our preaching will also be effected in quality(which we ultimately want to offer to Guru Maharaj). Then it is better to move in a situation as you have thought of where you are confident of spending more time in krishna Consciousness. Please remember a happy devotee preaches anyways.He may not need to speak also.

Having said that Guru Maharaj will be pleased if you take this decision responsibly. Often such thoughts come up due to obvious frustruation in complicated city life and we may take a decision impulsively without considering all the angles i.e. Financial, familywise, childrens' future etc. What if you or your family are not able to sustain in that kind of life. Then is it possible to have a recourse. Ideally its good to have some sufficient savings and our own house so that if we are not able to stay in such circumstances then we can come back and later on not repent for a fast decision. If you have that, then understand the level of commitment from your family. Are they equally convinced. Also then you should mould the future of children in that direction i.e farming etc.

So I am not discouraging you but would request you to take a thoughtful decision in light of all the angles and considering all possibilities. I am not aware of your devotional level and other spiritual and material details so i can just give you some open ended pointers. Better to consult some senior devotee whom you know closely and who knows your full background, mentality etc.

Srila Prabhupada of course had a vision that Grihasthas stay in villages and brahmacharis/sanyasis stay in cities for preaching. So your thoughts are in line with Guru Parampara and your desire to preach for Guru Maharaj will surely be fulfilled.

Thank you very much

your servant

atmaram gauranga das

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