Russian federal security tries to ban BG as it is in Russia - How to protest ?

Hare Krsna,




As per the article published in ISKCON News, the Russian federal security is trying to ban " Bhagavat Gita as it is " By Srila Prabhupada in Russia. As a  measure of support to the devotees and to support the cause of Bhagavat Gita , what can we do here in India ?


May be , Signature campaign ,  Representation through ISKCON India  etc. are a few steps which we may undertake at our level. I think it will be better to take the input from Russian devotees dealing with the case in Tomsk , Siberia i.e. ISKCON Tomsk's Lawyer - Mr. Alaxander Shahov and ISKCON Russia head Lawyer - Maha Balaram Das.


I request the devotees throughout the world to please forward their opinion in this regard. 


Hari Bol , Hare Krsna.




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