Guruor uktha vakye,mano yasya lagnam - Oh mind get attached to the words of our Spiritual Master,

Shadangadhi vedo Mukhe sasra vidhya ,  

Kavithwadhi gadhyam , supadhyam karothi,  

manaschenna lagnam, Gurorangri padme  

Thatha kim Thatha Kim, Thatha kim Thatha kim.


Even if you are an expert in six angas and the four Vedas,  

And an expert in writing good prose and poems,  

If your mind does not bow at the Spiritual Master's feet,  

What is the use? What is the use? And What is the use?

Oh Mind ! attached strongly to the Lotus feet of GuruMaharaj !!

otherwise what is the use?? Oh My Mind !! what is the use???

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