Dear Prabhuji's & Mataji's

Jai Sri Guru & Gauranga

Hare Krishna Everyone

In Iskcon there are nice tape ministries for all GBC Leaders Sanyasis etc.

But in the case for our GM there are so many websites posting audio lectures from different dates such
as jpsvani, jpsacrchives, soundcloud etc. It is very confusing & difficult to follow all these websites all the time to check which is the recent website posting the latest lectures

I have been collecting a lot of lectures of GM for the last 12-15 years all in date chronology , until recently for the last 1-2 year no lectures are posted consistently . Then i see old lectures are being reposted on same website

I am into digital marketing & Multimedia. I volunteered for help but i see everyone wants to work their own way ...

I wish to see some organized leadership to take proper responsibility on how this media is handled

Please don't feel offended by my serious tone , i want every disciple of Guru maharaja to receive updated lectures as GM travels so frequently to we can associate via his voice

hare krishna

Sridham Vrindavan Das

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You are most welcome upload lectures on this site.

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