We all know that book Distribution is the activity that used to please Srila Prabupada most and our beloved Guru Maharaj also encourages us for the same.


It shall not be the activity that we undertake during the Geeta Marathon / pandal program only. But it shall be in our mind, speech, deeds continuously. 


I request u all to share your stratagies /views/realisations / model approach / best results during book distribution , so as to help me as i am very week in book distribution.


Please have mercy upon me.

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To have longetvity on book distribution it began with the simple process.

Chant your rounds as nice as possible.

Read the books.

Some foam of Guru puja (if nor full guru puja) daily - beg Guru to fogive us for our offenses at his lotus feet.

All ways praying to Lord Krishna mentally to send some soul to take his books.

We are never the doer (we should have this mentality on sankirtan).

Be careful of offenses.

Do these nicely it is Guru/Krishna who will enpower you do their service.


Hare Krishna,

Nanda  Suta


Hare Krishna, here is an email I sent out for 41st Anniversary of Sri Sri Radha Londonisvara.

All glories to Srila Gurumaharaj!



Hare Krishna dear devotees
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

To celebrate the 41st Anniversary of Sri Sri Radha Londonisvara this year on 11 December, here are 41 easy ways to Distribute Books!
YOU can...
Always keep a small book in your purse, bag, or backpack. That way, anytime the conversation goes towards Krsna, you can pull out the book, if even just to show them a picture.
Leave books in waiting rooms at the doctor's office, laundry mat, or any place where people have to wait and can happily read something. Write or stamp inside the book "Please take" or "Free Gift".
Give books to people who come to your house to make deliveries, fix things, etc.
Give books as gifts for any occasion, like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, engagement parties, home openings, graduations, etc.
Ask local Indian/ Asian market if they will display and sell your books
Donate books to a local library
Ask local health food shops if they will display and sell books
Ask at a local import shops or new age shops if they will display and sell books
Book a booth at any local fairs or events
Lay a blanket on the grass in the local park, with books on top, and sing kirtans to attract people
Sell the books to a used book shop
Approach local book shops about selling the books
Distribute books to co-workers
Give books to family members
Give books to friends and/or classmates
Go to music or sports events, where large crowds have gathered
Spend a bit of time in the spiritual/ religious section of any book shop and make conversation with people looking for books on these topics.
Go on harinama sankirtana and distribute books to the people who stop to watch
Approach people waiting at bus stands, subways, train stations
Distribute books to shop keepers you regularly shop with
Get a permit to setup a book table
Go door to door
Check for any yoga or similar clubs at your local university. If there isn't one, start it.
Approach yoga centers in your community. Ask if you can display books there or have a program there.
Distribute prasadam and display books
Donate books to be put in hotel rooms
Ask an experienced book distributor to take you out on book distribution
Distribute books when you are commuting to work on the train or bus
Make a book distribution buddy. Commit to getting together once a week or so and distributing books together.
Ask people working in shops if they would like a book.
Approach business owners (especially Indians) and ask if they would like to buy books in bulk to distribute to employees.
Start a book table at your University or College campus.
Whenever you distribute a book, or even if you don't make sure to be very friendly and have a sweet smile. When people are pleased with you they will come back for more.
You can distribute books on e-bay, Amazon, or other websites like those.
Distribute through flyers: Create and distribute flyers that have the Krishna.com website (or your local temple book shop). Include pictures, excerpts, testimonials, your local number, website, and email.
Take people's e-mails, and don't "sell" the books, but inform and inspire them to take.
Next time you take a flight; just place a couple books in the magazine pockets of the seats. The next group of passengers will be in for a pleasant surprise.
Leave books on the magazine tables in reception areas of businesses, professional offices, and other establishments.
If you can't distribute books yourself, help someone who already is. You can buy books for them to distribute, or assist them in other ways that may help them in their service.
You can get a street address listing from some phone companies. You could choose any little town that may never have a chance to see devotees or you may want to take responsibility for a particular section of a larger city. Set aside a small portion of your monthly income and send out a few books each month until you've covered your chosen area.
Setup a cake sale or cookie sale and for every donation to the prasadam include the cost of the book as a "free" incentive.
By hook or by crook... distribute a book! Whatever their interest is, show how this book is going to help them.
Sri Sri Radha Londonisvara Ki Jaya!

Your Servant


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