Extremely conscientious

I specifically remember one initiation which took place in Bangalore long time back. There was a devotee named Ashok Gupta. He was one of the many who were to take initiation that day. Everyone, except him got their initiated names and the chanting beads from Guru Maharaja.

When Ashokji's name came, he was sitting in front of Guru Maharaja for quite some time. Guru Maharaja was looking at him and then at the list of names in his hand. This went on for a few minutes. The devotee was so tensed. Guru Maharaja again asked for his karmi name and then again looked at the list and the devotee. Suddenly there was a pin drop silence.

Guru Maharaja finally nodded his head and said, "Your name is Amirt Caitanya dasa." There was a loud Hari bol with sounds of clapping, kartals and drums.

Guru Maharaja sometimes would remove one of the garlands, that he was wearing, and give it to the initiated devotee. Amrit Caitanya prabhu was so excited that he did not wait for the garland and started walking towards Srila Prabhupada's deity. When he was about 7-10 feet away, Guru Maharaja called him, "Hari bol!!! ". As Amrit Caitanya prabhu turned, Guru Maharaja threw the garland at him. To everyone's surprise and delight the garland perfectly fell around Amrit Prabhu's neck. There was a huge uproar and loud shouts of "Hari Hari bol!! "

I am sure Amrit Caitanya prabhu and all those who witnessed it would never forget this incident.

Guru Maharaja ki jaya!

-Subbudhi krishna Das



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